this is via kenli. I seriously want kenli to be my very best friend in the entire world, you don’t even know…

i get so excited when i find great stuff at thrift stores. and then i want to share those things. like right now…

{3 records, 1 lace shirt, 1 grey cardigan, 1 floral dress & 1 purple tanktop plus a candle and a much needed gift bag. for $13}

thanks to a few seasons in southern california, i am hopelessly and absolutely in love with the seasons of the pacific northwest… even when the crunchy leaves turn mushy.

living out of suitcases and duffel bags and sleeping on couches and hotel beds and exploring the world sounds like the perfect kind of life to me.

i love chocolate soy milk. it is the most delicious thing in the entire world.

even though i was really anxious to move back to the northwest, i desperately miss southern california and especially my roommates, and especially rachel who is probably one of the best friends i’ve ever had. not a day has gone by that i’ve not struggled with feeling like leaving was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. that was brutally honest.

i have terrible luck in and with cars. i have been pulled over for things like: not wearing my seatbelt correctly, not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, passing a parked semi in a parking lot… i’ve also experienced numerous car break-downs and mishaps. triple a has a good customer in me.

i am one of those people who are hopelessly in love with summer camp. hopelessly and unapologetically, i might add.

despite the fact that i have never had a significant other for it, valentine’s day is my absolute favorite holiday in the whole entire world. i love love and think it’s a waste of a beautiful day to limit it to romantic love. plus i love pink, glitter, swirls and hearts…

i own over 70 dresses. 90% of them came from thrift stores. i love them so much. lately i haven’t been wearing dresses as often. but today i am. and it’s really rainy. and i’m getting sick. booo.

i am not easily embarrassed. i might be momentarily embarrassed after something happens, but after about an hour or so, i’m completely over it.

i got one of my wisdom teeth removed. just one of them. so i still have the other 3. i hate them so much and cannot wait to one day get them taken out.

TWELVE IS MY FAVORITE NUMBER! i am very partial to the number 12, multiples of 12 and numbers that divide 12. my license plate # is 224-win, and i am so happy that 24/2=12.

i love love love love love legally blonde. the movie, but especially the musical. elle woods is an inspiring character all across the board, but the musical really explores and showcases more of her bravery and courage and i just love her. and i wish i could see it every single day.

i have a lot lot lot lot lot of perfume/body sprays/lotions. i’ve not purchased any new ones in almost a year; and in that time i’ve only thrown out like 3 empty travel sized bottles! i’m trying to use them up and get this problem under control.

i would rather wear flip flops and shorts and be cold with wet feet than wear pants and shoes and have wet pants and soaking wet socks.

i learned most of the kanye west songs i have memorized by calling people and rapping for them on their voicemails.

pink is my all time, absolute, hands down favorite color.

gilbert blythe was my first crush. and i know i’m not alone on this one.

this was one of the proudest nights of my entire life:

i’m incredibly insecure if i don’t have my glasses on. i feel naked and different and unrecognizable.

one of the ways i consistently show people i love them is by making things for them. they are usually very glittery, gluey, colorful things. sometimes i wish someone would make something for me.

my left foot is like half a size bigger than my right foot, so if i try on a pair of 9.5 shoes, i start with my right foot and if i try on 9 or less, i start with my left foot.

two things i cannot stand = twilight && nicholas sparks.

i love good deals. like coupons and reward cards and stuff. whenever i can, i go to starbucks and get a drip or iced coffee and then stay as long as possible, getting free refills with my gold card.

oh yeah once i met my favorite actor in starbucks 3 days after i moved to california, no big deal…. still probably the best day of my entire life, ever.

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