31 Days of Song {29/31} – Baby

Some of you probably thought you’d successfully manage 31 days without me talking about Justin Bieber.


It is no secret I love Justin Bieber..

See, I even have a shirt!!

Let me tell you what “Baby” reminds me of.
The song “Baby” by Justin Bieber reminds me of:

  • doing the dishes at camp with Emily and Tayla
  • “We’re going to sing grace to the tune of Justin Bieber’s hit song ‘Baby’….”
  • late night drives back to camp with the windows down with some of my favorite girls in the world.
  • that moment when Andrew Smith sang the “yo” and “uh huh” part once.
  • when Jordan auditioned for the worship team and I said “play A, F#m, D and E…” and I started playing the piano with him, and then I started singing… I had totally tricked him into playing Baby for his worship team audition.
  • the one week last summer when I was a counselor and we started to re-write the words… “we know He loves us, we know He cares. always forever He will be there…”
  • that one week this summer when the girls of Grand 1 finished writing what we’d started the previous summer, and sang it for me outside of the dining hall once.
  • Ila’s cabin surprising me with the “Bieber song,” a parody of the “Beaver song.”
  • This.
  • Driving 5 miles an hour around Camp Arnold, windows down, song blaring, and making everyone listen.
  • Doing the morning wake up call and playing the song over the camp PA system at 7 am.. and one of the boy counselors telling me he’d never seen his campers get out of bed so quickly.
  • Last summer they announced we’d be having a “hideous shirt day” and Jordan asked to borrow my Bieber shirt.
So I guess really and mostly, “Baby” makes me think of summers at Camp Arnold.
…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Anybody care to add anything else?

ps. I am currently in a state of really missing summers at Camp Arnold. <3 I blame it on the long-awaited Facebook albums of camp pics by Desiree Silva.

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