31 Days of song {25/31} – You’re the Ocean


Have you ever heard of Teitur? He is brilliant.
In 2003 I bought his album, Poetry and Aeroplanes. The whole thing is a beautiful collection of music. Every last song is beautiful.

But there’s just something about Youre The Ocean. Read the lyrics.

There’s too much sky and not enough blue
There’s too many questions to why I love you
There’s too many clouds and not enough sun
The rain must fall on everyone

I’m fire and you’re the ocean
I’m energy and you’re the rhythm
Love is somewhere inbetween
what you believe and what you dream
I’m just trying to make you mine, you’re the ocean

There’s too much doubt and not enough dare
There’s too much decision everywhere
There’s too much talk and not enough time
Let’s close our eyes and not our minds

You look for leads, I follow clues
You love to win, I dare to lose
Mostly you’re a mind game in my head
You are earth then I am water
I can give you what you’re after
You can be the words and I can be the rhyme

There’s nothing really you can do
You’re going where I am going to
Stay beside me, stay beside me
I want you

…right? Please tell me that stirred something inside of you.

This song makes me think of so many things. That one random time I saw Teitur play {which is crazy and mind blowing, because he lives on the other side of the world} and he didn’t play this song, so he wrote me an apology note on the poster he signed for me. Walking around Ballard with the FVHS band when they were up for the parade. Quiet nights alone in my room, reflecting on life.

I love songs that make me feel alive. This song makes me feel alive. It excites and inspires me, makes me feel alive and well.