31 Days of Song {21/31} – Silhouette

This is really weird. At the beginning of this, I made a list of all of the songs I wanted to use and numbered them. In no particular order {okay except the last one, which I intentionally left blank}. This morning I had coffee with my friend Justin and realized on the way to Starbucks that today the song I’d planned to write about was Justin’s song!

Song #21 – Silhouette by Justin Klump

Sometimes living in Vancouver, Washington sucks. People always think I live near Seattle or they think I live in Canada. and though there’s been a valiant effort to change this, most of the cool stuff is across the river in Portland. Everything happens there.

But then. The spring of 2006. My paths crossed with Justin Klump. Who is from Vancouver, Washington. and that summer I saw him play a lot. and I listened to his CD a lot, particularly this song. When I think of Justin Klump as an artist, I think of this song. Like how you think of Your Body is a Wonderland when you think of John Mayer {I actually don’t and I totally judge anybody who does}.

I am so excited about Justin. He is a good, talented, inspiring person. I am lucky that he lives in Vancouver, Washington.

I couldn’t find a video of Silhouette {tears} but here’s another one of his songs, I Love You So. …okay and another one. πŸ™‚