31 Days of Song {4/31} – Enchanted


Song #4: Enchanted by Taylor Swift

Last night right before I fell asleep I wrote a small cluster of things to do today in my planner, because I was already in bed and too far away from the normal stack of paper I use for my to-do list. It’s 10:49 pm as I write this, and guess how many things are checked off? Well I will show you.

See that? Not a single thing. NOT A SINGLE THING. Don’t be fooled by the fact that “MAKE DINNER” is crossed off. I wrote that with no intention to wake up at TEN AM, losing THREE HOURS of my normal daytime hours.

So I’ve given myself an hour to go full-speed and see how many things I can cross off if I put my mind to it and restrain myself from having dance parties in my room alone or jumping on my bed for fifteen minutes. The bed jumping thing is making up for years of lost time.

That said, I decided to not put a lot of thought into my song for today. I went over to iTunes and clicked “25 most played” and picked from the top 5. My second top played song is Taylor Swift’s “Enchanted.”

I would like to pretend like I have not spent at least two hours of my life listening to this song and crying and feeling like Taylor Swift perhaps read my journal, but that would kinda be lying because I totally have.

AND. That’s not even it. There are a few people who heard this song and immediately thought of me.

And in honor of Bee, I am posting graphics with the song lyrics on it because today he made this:



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