31 Days of Song {3/31} – Baby, One More Time

Song #3: Baby, One More Time by Britney Spears

Everybody jump in your magical time machine. The year is 1998, and I am in 8th grade. My mom finally caved and got me a sweet pair of Adidas kicks with iridescent blue stripes. My backpack was full of Lip Smackers, my favorite shirt was a pink t-shirt by the brand Self Esteem and it had butterflies on the bottom.

Speaking of butterflies, guess what I sported in my hair? If you guessed butterfly clips you are absolutely right. A crown of butterfly clips, many of them with glitter. Not only did I love Lip Smackers, I had a tube of Bonne Bell glitter gel that smelled like blueberry and I put that all over. My mom bought me a tube of light pink, loose glitter and I frequently dusted it all over my face.

Also cool were those tattoo chokers, you know the ones… that were stretchy and made you look like you had a tattoo around your neck. Mine, naturally was rainbow colored.

That’s 13 year old Stephanie Orefice. Unfortunately I have no pictures to show you from this time. Or luckily, depends on how you look at it.

13 year old Stephanie Orefice is the one who listened to “Baby, One More Time” on repeat and maybe even choreographed a dance to it in her room. The joys of only childhood. 🙂

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