…I got it at the thrift store!

There are many things on this earth that bring me great joy. Things like pita chips & hummus {which I may or may not be eating right now} and also things like Criminal Minds reruns {which I may or may not be watching right now}.

But there’s not much that brings me more joy than going to a thrift store. At least 3/4ths of what I own was acquired at the thrift store. I say “the thrift store” which means any thrift store. Value Village, Goodwill, the Salvation Army.. it all comes down to “the thrift store.”

Right now {probably thanks to Pinterest} I am ADORING two things: mustard yellow and anything with sequins. Add in a beverage in a mug and I’m full of all kinds of giddy, which is why I love this picture:

Now it is my pleasure to show you what I acquired this weekend at the thrift store. Ask me how excited I am, because the answer is INCREDIBLY. I’ve had some good runs at thrift stores, but I feel as if this weekend I hit thrift store jackpot.

Due to the strange levels of happiness I get from proudly sharing what I’ve found at the thrift store, I just might be sharing more of my all-time fave acquisitions.

oh and ps I am slowly teaching myself photoshop, which might be one of my recent greatest accomplishments, right behind having a garage sale and getting rid of a lot of stuff {all of that empty space obviously needs to be filled with new treasures}.

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