Good Friday 2011.

Right now I’m in Blythe, California. I made you a map.

I hope you appreciate how obvious I made it to find me. I started somewhere inbetween Pasadena and San Bernadino. I’m en route to Phoenix, Arizona. I’m probably looking at Arizona out the window.

Easter weekend is a big deal to me. Easter is the most important day in the history of existence, and it’s a big deal. So I’m going to Phoenix to spend it with Lisa, Anthony & Little Anthony Barnes. I had to take my car in to Pep Boys {they took lot of my money} and that gave me a late start.

The intentions of a five hour drive on Good Friday were to have quiet time to drive and to think about Jesus and the cross and what that means.

Before I go any further, I need to tell you something. I love going to church. I really do. and I’ve been looking forward to Good Friday since last year. It’s that important to me.  I figured that I would find some church in some town and go to a Good Friday service there.

Except after much searching with the internet, GPS and even the help of ChaCha, I’ve found myself at a Starbucks realizing that I will not be finding or attending a Good Friday service this year.

And I am sad.

But strangely, I am okay. Because it would be fitting that I would spend Good Friday evening alone. God is always faithful to one prayer I pray, a pray that says: “God, make this new to me.”

Once I post this, I will pack up my computer and get back in my car. I will continue to listen to reflective music that makes me think, music that points my focus to Jesus, and armed with my iced coffee I will continue to drive into the desert, thinking of all Jesus was and is and will continue to be.

I will drive as the sun sinks below the horizon in my rearview mirror, and I will continue to seek and find the mysteries of Jesus and of the cross.

This verse is on my heart:

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not understood it.”
~John 1:5, NIV


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