Lent: Day 13; Beautiful things.

Pretend to go back with me, if you will, to when the earth was newly created. But before man was. Just the earth and heavens.

In the beginning, God created:

  • the earth
  • the water
  • the land
  • the sky
  • the moon
  • the sun
  • birds of the air
  • sea animals
  • animals on the land
  • etc.

Nothing specific about dust. Dust probably was just assumed with the whole “land” idea. I’ll bet that on our little hypothetical mind field trip to the beginning of the earth, that we would marvel in the beauty of the trees and the clearness of the skies and the water and the animals, but I doubt we would trip over ourselves admiring the dust.

And yet that dust is what God chose to create us from.

credit: weheartit.com

Some days I definitely feel like the dust. An irrelevant creation, kind of overshadowed by real beauty. I feel simple, ordinary, plain, allergenic, slightly annoying and easily muddied. Easily overlooked, easily walked on… and so on, and so forth.

But God chose dust.

So even on my days when I feel all of those simple, plain, ordinary things.
When I see the height and shade of the trees,
the wings of the birds,
the stars in the sky…

I can look at mankind.
I can look at dust.

and I can remember that God does great things with seemingly unremarkable stuff. Like Dust, and like Me.

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