2011 will be the year I…

Hindsight is 20/20, but who cares how great your vision is if you’re walking backwards?

I’m not one for resolutions. I frequently make goals, get excited about them, and then forget about them. It’s not that I procrastinate or get lazy, I literally forget if they’re not right in front of me. So I will make a short list and I will write it on a few pieces of paper and keep it with me in my purse and put it on my wall and in my car, so that I will not be able to forget.

Here it is. 20 11’s.

2011 will be the year I

1. Read and write about 11 books.
2. Sleep in 11 different places.
3. Paint 11 pictures.
4. Write 11 letters.
5. Buy 11 people coffee.
6. Go on 11 adventures.
7. Give away 11 items I own.
8. Read 11 books of the Bible.
9. Spend 11 days without the internet.
10. Seek out 11 people in prayer.
11. Help 11 people do something important.
12. Donate $11 11 times {aside from World Vision & Mocha Club}.
13. Go out of my way to show 11 people I love them.
14. Memorize 11 Bible verses.
15. Share 11 #truthursdays
16. Every month make a list of 11 things I am grateful for.
17. Document 11 days in pictures.
18. Make a list of 11 places I want to go.. and go.
19. Visit 11 different {not new!} churches.
20. Wild card πŸ™‚

Mostly, when I look forward into the new year I want:

to be a better friend. to be more generous. to adventure more. to be more carefree. to be more deliberate. to be more Stephanie Orefice than I have ever been before.

Your turn.