2010 was the year I…

Last night I talked to two of my friends and the subject of the upcoming new year came up. With one of them I reflected back on their year and the craziness of it. We looked at where we were last year and the things that had changed in our trip around the sun. With the other there was talk of looking forward to the new year and being out of the clutches of this past one.

So what happened this year? Good, bad, ugly, worse? I had a big year. There are moments that I would not trade for the world and moments I hope to never experience again.

2010 was the year I…

  • embraced talking to strangers.
  • earned too many free Starbucks beverages thanks to the Gold Card.
  • spent more time with myself than anybody else.
  • felt abandoned by God.
  • officially declared my belief in true love.
  • stopped biting my nails for a few months.
  • became too opinionated for my own good.
  • met Matthew Gray Gubler.
  • became more discerning, thanks to the Holy Spirit.
  • played the piano and sang in front of people. a few times.
  • moved to California.
  • turned down things I’d always wanted and accepted things I’d never desired.
  • became friends with Papa Caleb.

What about you? I want everyone to respond to this with a few things about what’s happened to them in 2010; not necessarily long, dramatic paragraphs, but just a quick list recapping the past year’s hangups and triumphs, laughs and tears, randoms and planned. oh. and it does not/should not be exhaustive. πŸ™‚