#truthursday – I don’t hate kids.

At first I was thinking of just old writing a post about how great children are, and I realized that I could come clean about how much I actually love kids. Often I am quick to say “I hate children,” which is really only a half truth. I don’t like all kids. You know where I especially don’t like kids? In the store. In fact, I glare at children in stores. Just because I can.

But really, when I am hanging out near a child.. I love them. Kids are the best. And you know what else kids are? HILARIOUS. Most of the world’s humor is contained in little tiny people. Here, I will share.

Sofia, age 6, about Michael Buble: This is the sound of kissing.

Hugh, age 2, about wanting his mom to come home: I am f-cking mad!

Sofia, age 6, about a not-baby acorn: it’s a grown up.. it has to get married and get loved by somebody.

Me: Oh, this is my friend Justin’s song.
Sofia: Justin Bieber?
Me: No, Justin Klump.
Sofia: Oh, it sounds like Justin Bieber.
Me: …..his music?
Sofia: No, his name.

Sofia, age 6, about being thirsty: Gimme some water, I need to stay de-hider-ated.

and then one of my favorite things that’s happened in the past few months.
Elias: Bramwell! Spy headquarters called and said to eat your hot dog!
Bramwell: okay!
Me: Elias, do you know who taught you how to lie like that?
Elias: you!

Also, I loved this…

Me: What’s your favorite color?
Brayden, age 3: purple!
Bramwell, age 4: pink!
Me: What’s your favorite kind of pizza?
Brayden, age 3: cheese!
Bramwell, age 4: bologna!

So there it is. I will out myself. Though I will swear up and down until the moon falls from the sky that I hate children, I actually love them a lot… when they’re not at the store.

#truthursday – I don’t hate kids.

Also, I’m sitting at Starbucks with 2 lbs of Christmas blend {thank you Starbucks 12 days of sharing!!} and as soon as I post this, I’ll look up directions to.. go.. see… David Garza. I found out on Monday that I’d be seeing him, and it’s still not sunk in AT ALL. (hand raise) TEARS!