sometimes the only way is jumping….

Tonight I played at the Infinity Cafe open mic again, this time I brought Hannah. We channeled our inner Joe Jonas (me) and Demi Lovato (Hannah) and sang “Wouldn’t Change a Thing.” It was awesome. I love Hannah and I love hearing her sing. okay, and I love singing with her. and then. THEN. Then I played a song I wrote. in front of everyone. Not only was I not planning on doing that ever, I certainly had not prepared to do it then. It was terrifying.

As I think about everything I’ve done in the past few months, I feel very accomplished. I have done some really daring, risky things and I have tremendously added to the story I am living. I’m not really good at sticking to those 101 in 1001 lists and stuff, but I think I will compile a list of things to do in my time in California. Things like:

  • hike to the top of the Azusa A
  • play Dutch Blitz with Heidi in San Diego
  • watch the sun rise with Erlinda
  • spend a day with Sean in Oceanside again
  • ride the metro somewhere
  • explore a random city for an entire day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and desert
  • go to the San Diego zoo
  • join a Faith Community small group
  • have a mini-camp reunion for us California residents
  • find ten cool places to get a cup of coffee

You know. Things that are not necessarily location-specific, goals that could be made anywhere I live (aside from the ones dealing with people and or very specific places). Any other suggestions? It’s not a list of things to achieve, but things I’d like to do. My computer is going to die.

Today I am proud of myself.

What are you proud of yourself for doing in the past 2 months?