4 GB

Five years ago, I bought an ipod. It was the pinkest and coolest of them all, the ipod mini, holding an amazing 4 gb. There has never been a time, and I mean ever, that I sync all of my itunes to my ipod. I’ve always had to be selective about what I put on it. Sometimes I fill it with podcasts. Sometimes I fill it with worship music.

And then there are days like today, when I am going to go for a little drive. and tomorrow I will go for a bigger drive. and the next day I will go for another little drive. How do I predict what I want to listen to? It’s like packing, but way more serious.

Currently I am in a disgusting state of giddy. Emily just told me I am crazy. I told her I am in “love.” Quotation marks and everything. Naturally, I want to listen to music that makes me feel all silly and stuff. But what about tomorrow? or the day after? So here, my friends, is an exhaustive list of the 493 songs, 1.3 days and 3.74 gb worth of music (apparently 4 is no longer doable) on my ipod to accompany me on the upcoming week of travel.

* = individual song, not entire album.

Allen Stone – Last to Speak
Allen Stone – Take One Sessions
Andy Davis – Let The Woman
Backstreet Boys – Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys – For the Fans 1
Backstreet Boys – For the Fans 3
Backstreet Boys – Chapter One (The Hits)
Backstreet Boys – Millennium
Backstreet Boys –  Never Gone
The BGP – Love and Rent
Chris Tomlin – Hello Love
Dave Barnes – Brother, Bring the Sun
Dave Barnes – Chasing Mississippi
Dave Barnes – Me and You and The World
Dave Barnes – What We Want, What We Get
Dave Barnes – You, the Night & the Candlelight
David Ryan Harris – Soulstice
Dolour – Suburbiac
Fred Hammond – This is the Day*
Gavin DeGraw – Chariot
Gavin DeGraw – Chariot Stripped
Gungor – Beautiful Things*
Hanson – Shout it Out
Hanson – This Time Around
Hanson – Underneath
Harry Chapin – Greyhound*
Harry Chapin – Copper*
Hillsong United – The I Heart Revolution blah blah Disc 2
Israel & New Breed – With Long Life*
Jamie Cullum – Twentysomething
Jesse McCartney – Beautiful Soul*
John Mayer – 3×5 (from As/Is)*
John Mayer – Home Life (from As/Is)*
John Mayer – Battle Studies
John Mayer – Heavier Things
John Mayer – Room for Squares
Jonny Lang – Turn Around
Josh Kelley – Almost Honest
Justin Klump – A Song For You*
Justin Nozuka – After Tonight*
Kari Jobe – I’m Singing*
Kari Jobe – Healer*
Kari Jobe – Everyone Needs A Little*
Kari Jobe – Beautiful*
Kari Jobe – Joyfully*
Mariah Carey – Fantasy*
Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby*
Mary Carey – Honey*
Maroon 5 – This Love (Kanye West Remix)*
Matt Maher – Alive Again
Matt Nathanson – Beneath These Fireworks
Matt Nathanson – When Everything Meant Everything
Matt Wertz – Everything inbetween
Matt Wertz – Today & Tomorrow
Matt Wertz – The Day Forever Died*
Matt Wertz – Marianne*
Matt Wertz – Counting to 100*
Matt Wertz – The Way I Feel*
Mumford & Sons – Awake My Soul*
Owl City – Ocean Eyes
Phil Wickham – Cannons
Phil Wickham – Heaven and Earth
Phil Wickham – Phil Wickham
Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers – Bulletproof Heart
Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers – Glassjaw Boxer
Teddy Geiger – Thinking Underage
Teitur – Poetry & Aeroplanes
Tyrone Wells – Hold On

The Matt Wertz & BSB ones are kind of weird because there’s a lot of the same songs, which I guess is a bit of a waste of space, but oh well.

ps you’re probably thinking to yourself, “where are you going?” and that is a legit question! Today I will go to Bakersfield to stay with the Helms, tomorrow I will go to Scotts Valley to stay with the Coverts at Redwood Glen. Wednesday – Friday I will stay with the Birks in Pacifica. Then I will drive to Sacramento and take a plane home, where I will be for a week. I definitely need it, so badly. My brain is a pile of mush these days.