I live with a crazy person.

A few days ago, Rachel and I went to Target. Rachel got a basket and these harvesty leaves to put on our dining room table, which we did. We decided to put apples in it, but when I pulled my apples from the cupboard realized that they were definitely… gross. So I sadly threw my apples away. Hannah came in and decided that orange was a harvesty color and oranges are orange, so she put in little baby oranges. and then she drew a jack-o-lantern on one of them.

Pretty cute, right? I love it.

So this morning, I woke up and hit snooze. Then I woke up again and hit snooze (I changed my snooze last night from 10 minutes to 5, completely validating my double snooze). When the alarm went off again ten minutes later, I slowly rolled over and noticed Hannah standing in the doorway to me and Aleen’s room, in nothing but a towel, staring at me. I loudly declared “Hannah! What the heck! You are so creepy!” which woke up Aleen who loudly declared “Stephanie! What the heck!” and I hid my face in my pillow and asked why Hannah was so weird. I got up, went to the bathroom, and when I walked out was greeted by the little orange staring a me from where the towels were hanging. Another “Hannah! What the heck!” I got my camera to take a picture of it, but it was missing. So I asked Hannah where it went. I found it on my bookshelf.

Today I stopped by the apartment en route to Starbucks and I relocated our little happy orangekin to somewhere where Hannah will discover him.

I love Hannah, even if she is insane.