Reasons why I love California.

It gets harder and harder to be here and easier and easier to want to return home. Lately I’ve been challenged to think about suffering, how I go about suffering, and tonight in Bible study we talked about in John 21 when the disciples go back to what they were doing before Jesus. It’s easy to retreat to our safe places, and it’s growing increasingly easy for me to think about retreating to a safe place.

But it was and is good for me, in the middle of this incredibly difficult time, to focus on the blessings God has given me here. I’m currently fighting with the Lord – I am not being quiet about this because I want people to know that my faith does not come easy all of the time – but I know that he is good. Not safe, but good. Here are some reasons why I love California:

  • PINKBERRY. I haven’t gone yet; I am waiting to go with Laura, but man. Coconut with coconut and raspberries? YES PLEASE.
  • BIBLE STUDIES. Two. I get to go to two Bible studies, one in Torrance and one at Pasadena Tab. Two separate groups of people, two different topics, two different vibes.. but both are really giving me a place to grow and learn and continue seeking out the Lord.
  • MY ROOMMATES. aleen, hannah && rachel. they are the best. they are kind and generous and supportive and loving and honest and encouraging and beautiful and fantastic. i have only been here a month and I can confidently say that living with them has made me a better person.
  • STARBUCKS IN DOWNTOWN COVINA. seriously the best starbucks, ever. from outside it is so cute and welcoming and perfect. inside, the people are nice and funny and helpful. there are a lot of frequent customers that I have noticed in my frequenting  πŸ™‚
  • THE BROWNIES ON THE STOVE. Today I had a rough day and I stayed on the couch for the majority of it. One of the three times I got up was to make brownies. The brownies on the stove are delicious and almost halfway gone. Hannah is the culprit, in case you were wondering.
  • THE PEOPLE. Even beyond my roommates are the phenomenal people in my life down here. The older I get, the more I travel, the more people grow up, the more I see that my friends are spread out across the world and I will never get to be near all of them at once. However, there’s a large amount here and I am blessed by them. I wish friends like this on all of you.
  • ACAPULCO. We keep getting these great coupons that are buy one entree, get another one for $2.99. Which includes combos. Which means if you were to get 4 people to get two 4 item combos at $11.99/each, and each person picked two items and then you split it, you each pay a ridiculously small amount of money. Plus, there are the free chips. Oh, and not only that but it’s good, too.
  • EXPLORING. I can’t do much exploring, as I am trying to be responsible/resourceful and not use all of my gas money on finding places to go, but even just in applying for jobs I’ve discovered the cities of Walnut and Claremont. I’ve spent a substantial amount of time in Torrance, too. Although I live “far away” from a lot of stuff, there’s enough stuff between me and anywhere to keep me entertained for hours. by myself. no joke.

There we have it. A small list of reasons why I love California. I wish I could include pictures with them, but I’ve been sucking in the picture department. I always think “once I get more settled…” and then that never happens.

By the way, I started my book. I have like 3 paragraphs. Now the next big problem: what is my book about?