Today was a fairytale….

It’s 12:49 am and tomorrow is official Aleen Takes Her New Roomie to Her New Work Day, which begins at 5:50 in the am so this needs to be quick and short and free of rambles (I will try so hard!). Today was my first real day in SoCal. I say my first real day because I came on the weekend and yesterday was Labor Day, and so I again will state: Today was my first real day in SoCal.

I started the day with a job interview. I got to do simple math (which is one of my favorite things to do – ESPECIALLY long division) and we had 2 minutes to “out-shine” everyone else in the group, and this was really what happened.

Joe: What is your favorite movie, and why?
Me: Legally Blonde! Elle Woods is one of my biggest inspirations…
Joe: And you are wearing pink! Channeling your inner-Elle!
Me: Always.
Joe: If all of your friends and family got together and were put in a room and had to think of one word to describe you, what would it be?
Me: Bubbly, maybe? I can’t think of a word that means “laughs a lot.”

Then I got asked to come back at 3 pm for one last interview. Instead of driving all the way back home, I gave my friend Dave a call and went to his house.  He played the piano for me, we went and got lunch and ate it at the park by his house. I love Dave. so much.

From there I went back for my 3 pm thing. I was placed in a team with 4 other people; Team 1! We had to introduce ourselves, our name and something someone might not know about us from looking at us. So I naturally said “Hi! I’m Stephanie and I can rap six Kanye West songs.” Then we played with legos and then we came up with an idea for a theme park.

Then I got a job offer. It was probably the Kanye West that did it.

Since I didn’t have much time inbetween that and when I was supposed to be in Torrance for an open mic, I used my sometimes working Verizon navigator to find a Starbucks close by. And let me tell you, am I ever glad that I did. After getting my (non-soy, even though I asked for soy! dangiitttt) caramel latte, I went to check my e-mail and saw someone walk in. I thought, “that boy is so cute.” then I thought “that boy is so cute, he looks just like Matthew Gray Gubler.” then I thought “……no, that IS Matthew Gray Gubler.” Since I am lacking in the shame department, I excitedly walked up to him and stood awkwardly close to him and declared loudly “I know who you are!” and he was very gracious in listening to me talk about how much I love him and how sorry I was for being so weird and stuff.

Myself and Matthew Gray Gubler, labeled for your convenience.

After he left and I pretty much sat like completely in awe of what had just happened, I finally mapquested directions to the open mic…

Which happens to have been one of my fondest memories from today, perhaps surpassing meeting my favorite actor in Starbucks. The people I met there were SO warm and kind and encouraging. I played three songs, all covers. Everybody there was really great, and I definitely am going back the first Tuesday of October to play.

I got home and told Aleen, Hannah and Rachel about my day. That was the perfect and best part; someone to share it with. Cool stories or good days do not reach their full capacity if they are kept inside.

Today felt like a day full of me doing everything I was made to do and being everywhere I was meant to be. For the first time in about a month, I experienced a day free of crippling fears/doubts/insecurities and full of laughter, dare, and new people.

May this be the first of many days that will never be forgotten.