Day 5 – My Dreams

Day 1 — Your best friend (Emily)
Day 2 — Your vices (Starbucks, etc)
Day 3 — Your parents (Linda & Jerry)
Day 4 — Your siblings (Emily, Graham & Lauren)

Day 5 — Your dreams

While I am a dreamer, I am not a hopeful dreamer. I will sit back and daydream until my head explodes, but I will never take any steps towards achieving any of those dreams. That said, I rarely have lasting dreams or ideals. So I will fall back on the one thing I’ve consistently dreamed about since I was little. The context of it changes all the time, but the heart of it is pretty much the same…

Simple. My biggest dream, of the kinda starry-eyed kind, is to play music for people. There’s no visions of grandeur or fame or fortune, but just the desire to somehow be able to play music for and with people. There are times in my life when this dream becomes a reality, this summer being a fantastic example, but it’s always for a small amount of time. I live to be the chorus of that ever-so-famous Billy Joel song, the one that says.. (sing it if you know it!!) (and minus the “man” part!!!)


Unfortunately, I’m just a dreamer. Once I wrote a song that has a line that sums it all up:

I woke up this morning / I saw the real world outside
But I’ll sit on this bench and hide.

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