Day 3 – Your parents.

Day 1 — My best friend (Emily)
Day 2 — My vices (
Starbucks, etc)

Day 3 — Your parents

Linda and Jerry. I was born into chaos; my dad was an abusive, alcoholic drug dealer. Being an only child, I grew up really fast on account of my living situation. I never really got to build solid relationships with my parents. My dad was scary and my mom was busy. When I was 9, my dad finally went to jail and it was there he became a Christian. God has blessed me in giving me a brand new, same old dad. He is a living testimony of the verse that talks about being a new creation in Christ.

Reconciliation with my dad has not been easy. I spent the few years after his release really confused and stepping carefully, not sure if I could fully trust him.

That’s a lot about my dad. My mom, being a single mom who survived domestic abuse, is really strong. Many of the things I get frustrated with her about have deep roots in those situations.

My family could really use a big therapy session. It would be a disaster, but it would be entertaining and potentially a little tiny bit helpful. God knew what he was doing when he put me in this family. I just must trust him πŸ™‚

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