June 11, 2010

I forgot how difficult it is to stay on top of anything while at camp. The days are long and the nights are short.. and campers haven’t even arrived yet; in fact, the counseling staff hasn’t even arrived. There’s a small group of staff here, and they are beautiful. Inside and out. It is going to be a great summer. At first, I was a bit apprehensive. Not because of the people but because of the newness of this summer.

Many people aren’t returning, and a lot of those who have returned are in completely new positions. One of the scariest things is to think on something so familiar and have it seem so foreign. Every year is different and new and exciting and fresh, but this year wasn’t just new it was unknown.

My heart is saddened when I think of my friends that I will not see this summer; people who will not be around for quick prayer or an easy laugh, but it is uplifted when I remember the freshness of the people I have yet to get to know.

Let me share with you brief glimpses of camp over the past week.

the first day of orientation, this poor little bird was trapped in our cabin. Luckily Gretchen took him outside and I hope it is alive and well.

camp is muddy and wet and a bit awful, in my opinion. We did a tour around camp and Sharon's little toes got a little bit dirty.

we had to make posters depicting the 6 core values of camp; spiritual growth, emotional growth, self-esteem, skill development && fun; this is Caleb explaining our poster.

I’ll write more later; we’re getting ready to go into town for a supply run.

How is everything going for the non-camp world?