#truthursday – I LOOOOVE bridal magazines!

(via becker's blog) 

First, I just love magazines in general. There is something about going to the store and seeing familiar font with a new picture, picking up the kinda glossy temporary book, buying it, and then flipping through it… gives me goosebumps.

This is my response to any magazine.

However, there’s something mesmerizing about a bridal magazine. The elegant dresses, the beautiful invitations, the color coordinated decorations, the pretty accessories.. if there was a magazine called “Pretty Things Monthly” I would love that, but instead they are quarterly bridal magazines. and I eat them up.

If anybody has any spare, unwanted bridal magazines lying around.. you should send them this way. If I can get duplicates of some, then I could start cutting them out and you know.. start making a book of beautiful wedding things… for when I get married, I hope.. I’ll have everything figured out except the groom, which is only slightly important πŸ˜‰