Today I bought a Bart Millard CD…..

So today I was really excited to buy Bart Millard’s Hymned Again because I have his Hymned No. 1 and love it so much. I found it at a used CD store. When we got home, I excitedly opened it up and stuck it into iTunes. It ejected itself and I was confused when it wouldn’t show up on iTunes, so I tried again.

Except it came up as Simon & Garfunkel. Which was confusing. Because the case is Bart Millard, and the CD liner is Bart Millard and when I inspected the CD itself… I realized that though it is a Bart Millard CD label, it is on top of a Simon & Garfunkel CD.

What in the…… so now I have a Simon & Garfunkel CD disguised as a Bart Millard CD I’ve been really wanting.

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