I am starting to blog as infrequently as Travis.

Today my buddy Travis left me the funniest video on my Facebook wall, ever. Probably only funny because I freaking love Arrested Development and I freaking love Buster Bluth.

Then I started thinking about how Travis has a blog that he never updates, and wondered if I was as guilty of not blogging as he is. hint hint hint, Travis.

My friend Laura and I were talking today about how we are both attracted to MANLY MEN. and by MANLY MEN, I do mean… masculine boys, for me. The word “man’ kinda weirds me out. Probably because the correlation is “a man and a woman” and I just don’t want to be seen as a woman. I like “girl,” therefore I will refer to the members of the opposite gender I am attracted to as “boys.” It is not meant to be offensive.

We also discussed how we think girls are naturally inclined to do things like wash dishes and prepare dinner and fold laundry.. but that they should never be pigeonholed into that or expected/demanded to do those things. Not only that, but if a boy really loved a girl, he would frequently offer to do those things for her, out of love.

I think there is some sort of correlation between the two. What it is, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just that we strongly hold to gender roles, or maybe we identify so strongly with the natural gender ‘stereotypes’.

All I know is that somewhere deep in the back of my mind, I believe that if I were to buy an apron and learn how to cook, marriage would be right around the corner.. even if there are no real candidates on the horizon.

Just saying.

here’s the video Travis showed me.