101 in 1001.

I’ve already posted a 101 in 1001 list before, I know. But because it wasn’t finished I had no desire to accomplish anything on it. So the past few days have been spent scouring other people’s lists, thinking of what I’d like to do, and compiling this. Now I officially have a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, which is December 12th 2012. Let’s go.
Officially begins: Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Officially ends: Tuesday, December 12th, 2012
  1. Take 101 pictures of things that make me happy
  2. Blog every day for a month
  3. Make a scrapbook
  4. Eat a tomato
  5. Play music in front of people. Just once
  6. Do 30 #truthursdays (04/30)
  7. Send 10 letters to Yves
  8. Eat only fruits and veggies for a week
  9. Write 50 letters (02/50)  (Gregory, Gretchen)
  10. Have a girls weekend retreat
  11. Read one book a month for a year
  12. Read the Bible twice
  13. Visit 10 new Salvation Army corps (03/10)
    * AAYBC
    * Pasadena Tabernacle
    * Long Beach
  14. Discover 25 new coffee shops
    *Coffeehouse Five (06/02/10)
  15. Visit 3 new states
  16. Use up 15 lotion/body sprays (01/15)
  17. Hike to the top of Multnomah Falls
  18. Visit someplace haunted
  19. Visit Aleen and pray with her twice before leaving
  20. Write a letter to an author
  21. Go to Nashville.. and Crema.
  22. Finish the wordsearch book I’ve been working on for five years
  23. Finish my inspiration book
  24. Fill up 3 journals
  25. Watch 45 new movies and blog about each one (2/45)
  26. Make a nice dinner for my parents
  27. Go on a 45 minute walk every other day for a month (15 days)
  28. Learn how to ride a bike
  29. Turn all of my dad’s recipes into a cook book for him
  30. See 10 musicals (02/10)
  31. Take a yoga class
  32. Write down one thing I’m thankful for every day for a month
  33. Drink only water for a week
  34. Participate in a 5K
  35. Spend a lot of time decorating a cake.
  36. Make jewelry with my grandma
  37. Blog about every completed item on the list
  38. Finish my 365
  39. Make/sell 25 devotional books
  40. Get a manicure
  41. Get bangs
  42. Read 45 books and blog about each one
  43. Get a postcard from every state
  44. Wear pink every day for a month
  45. Go to the Enchanted Forest
  46. Make a list of 50 things I like about myself
  47. Go for a walk in the rain
  48. Donate blood
  49. Have a picnic
  50. See the sunrise 10 times
  51. Be an extra in something
  52. Write a letter to my future self
  53. Finish Krystin’s quote book
  54. Ride a horse
  55. Get up to my alarm immediately 100 times
  56. Find tap shoes and tap dance every day for a week.
  57. Tap dance 50 times for at least 30 minutes
  58. Complete a 26 things project http://sh1ft.org/26things/
  59. Have a garage sale with my friends
  60. Redesign both of my blogs
  61. Do something awesome on 10/10/10 and 11/11/11
  62. Listen to all of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest songs of All Time
  63. Sleep 8 hours a night for 2 weeks in a row
  64. Acquire and read 20 Madeleine L’Engle books
  65. Go on a historic tour of Vancouver
  66. Go without soda for 2 weeks of every month for a year
  67. Sleep outside 5 times
  68. Finish memorizing the book of Philippians
  69. Spend a whole day at the zoo and look at every animal.
  70. Complete the 5000 question survey http://www.myspace.com/5000_question_survey
  71. Write a book full of babysitting stories and give to families included in it
  72. Give Emily a special graduation gift
  73. Read a book in one day
  74. Organize the torn-out magazine pages I have collected over the years
  75. Pray for someone I don’t like every day for a month
  76. Spend a weekend at my dad’s house
  77. Give up Facebook for a week every month for a year
  78. Finish Wrecking my Journal
  79. Sleep in 25 different places (05/25)
    *Birks house
    *Barnes house
    *Arens house
    *Erlinda’s house
    *Aleen’s house
  80. Build-a-bear
  81. Spend a weekend with Matt LeGrande
  82. Have 100 Conversations
  83. Get a job.
  84. Finish a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  85. Learn something new every day for a month
  86. Color an entire coloring book, and then send it to someone
  87. Make 20 free throws in a row
  88. Make a list of 100 songs that are important to me
  89. Delete all the stupid game applications I have on Facebook
  90. Buy a new ipod
  91. See Stephen Speaks in concert
  92. Buy coffee for a stranger 10 times
  93. Give out 50 random compliments to strangers
  94. Attend 5 weddings. Buy a new dress specifically for each wedding.
  95. Save all of my change for 1001 days
  96. Spend an entire day [coffee, lunch & dinner] exploring a town near my home
  97. Get 5 people to start 101/1001 lists themselves
  98. Help someone accomplish one of their 101 things
  99. Leave 101 “you are loved” notes in random places
  100. De-clutter my room
  101. Make a new 101 list.