To all of my friends jealous of my cool Salvation Army shirts..

you can now by this super sweet shirt. 100% of the proceeds go to relief in Haiti. Not only will you join the elite group of people who have a shield on their shirt, but you’ll also be able to fit in to any Salvation Army event I convince you to go to. Which means I will start inviting you to more things, in case you didn’t get it.

Before I forget. A link to buy the shirt.

Maybe we can get glamour shots in our shirts if you buy one or something. Just saying.

Also, I completely blanked on yesterday’s #truthursday. I was a little sad when I woke up and today was Friday. However, I’m not really sad because Graham and I are going to go see Alice in Wonderland, and I just love the experience of going to a movie.

So everybody go buy that shirt and represent.