Dinner, people of walmart, 3-way calls.

This afternoon, Emily and I tried to find a way to the beach. As we were driving up the 1, I reminded her of three weeks ago when we drove on that same road coming back from camp.. and I had no idea what this house looked like, or that the town only believes in 4-way stops, no clue when we’d pull off of the freeway.. and now it’s become so familiar. Time sure does fly.

Last night Lauren and I made dinner.. chicken fettuccine alfredo.. and I took pictures of the whole process so you could feel like you were there with us.

My friend Bee sent me a link to one of the funniest websites I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Before you click this, be forewarned that you will have a very hard time closing the window until you get through all of the pages. Some of the things I saw while browsing the site literally made my jaw drop and I did gasp a little bit. So check it: People of Walmart.com

Today my phone rang, and it said my friend Bradley was calling. I excitedly answered the phone and was confused when Bradley said hello.. and then my friend Gretchen said hello. They had 3-way called me! What followed was a 15 minute conversation making dinner plans for next Thursday, after I get home. It was mostly Gretchen and Brad talking, and me laughing hysterically because the whole thing was so funny to me. Having two of my favorite friends on the phone with me at the same time? Perfect. It was like a little party. Next Thursday I am bringing teriyaki sauce, vanilla ice cream.. and spoons. Ask no questions, but expect pictures.

Hope you’re all good… California is treating me well πŸ™‚