Guess I’ll circle while I’m waiting for my fuse to dry.

Since the fall, life has been crazy. It’s been insane.

I’ve learned the art of dreaming; of seeing the endless possibilities for my ideas.

Yesterday I was driving home from Seattle and I was really upset about life, and the direction I’m heading. My friend Ernie called. We were originally going to talk about his upcoming trip to Africa with Mocha Club, but then he asked how I’ve been doing. Not a single fiber of my being had the ability to lie, and I just expressed to him how I’m doing.

Ernie is brave. He is doing what he loves, and he is doing it with every single ounce of energy he has.

I love alliterations. They’re eay to remember. Here’s one he gave me, outlining the keys to getting where you want to be:


..and Prayer is good.

The first one is what I’ve been thinking about; being patient with myself. I’m still growing, still learning, still trying to figure it all out. That is okay.


I mentioned that I was leaving Seattle. Emily came and spent some time with me. It was so fun. Prior to her arrival, I said that what I loved was that Em and I could watch TV the whole time and still have a blast. We ended up watching One Tree Hill for a substantial amount of time.

You can see a bit of it from Emily’s POV here:


It’s been awhile since I posted.. here are some pictures from our weekend at Bible Bowl. Click them and they will become bigger. Oh, we made it to the finals. Vancouver vs Spokane. Exciting!

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