Fork or Spoon?

My mom packs my lunch. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I am 23 years old, and my mom still packs my lunch.Sometimes she even brings me dinner when I am home. Yesterday she brought me a bowl of macaroni casserole, and she gave me a spoon to eat it with. “Mom” I replied, “this is something you eat with a fork.”

So this afternoon when I anxiously peered into the Starbucks bag holding my lunch,  I was a bit annoyed to find a plastic spoon accompanying my leftovers from yesterday’s casserole. Maybe my mom always eats that casserole with a spoon. I always eat it with a fork.

How do you figure out when to use a fork and when to use a spoon? What are some things that DEFINITELY deserve  a fork and some things that DEFINITELY deserve a spoon? Aside from soup, because logically a spoon is the only option.. unless you are avoiding the broth.