Typical Wednesday.

Went to the dentist. They gave me a piece of paper with the work that needs to be done, in order of imporance. Total cost? $8,000. Yikes. Next week I’m going in for the first and most extensive of the whole thing. Awful awful awful. It spoiled my mood for awhile.. church started out a bit rocky.

Bram, Elias and I had fun.. we always do. Bramwell (who is 3) kept turning off the lights while Elias was trying to do his homework. Elias got frustrated. their mom was a bit frustrated. I was a little frustrated. Tonight as I was driving home, I got a phone call from their house. This is what happened once I answered..

me: hello?
voice: hi Stephanie.
me: hello.
voice: this is Bram.
me: nu uh.
Bram: yes.
me: oh… hi.
Bram: sorry that I kept turning off the lights.
me: …what?
Bram: and Elias couldn’t do his homework
me: oh, are you apologizing for turning off the lights today?
Bram: yeah.
me: it’s okay. thanks for apologizing. I forgive you.
Bram: ok. I love you. bye Stephanie.

He then tried to tell his dad that Chloe, their dog, wanted to talk to me on the phone, too. PRECIOUS.