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Giving up Facebook for Lent seems to be difficult only in that I feel I’ll be disconnected. Because of this, I’ve decided not only to follow Jesus but to also become very intentional in my friendships. Every day during Lent, not only will I abstain from Facebook (thanks to Gretchen changing my Facebook password for me) but I will also seek to rebuild relationships that have suffered because they’ve been reduced to convenient internet exchanges. Every day I will either call or talk to someone face to face about their lives, and I will also send one encouraging letter in the mail every day.

A few years ago I got one of my wisdom teeth removed (yes, just one). When it was ripped out of my mouth, the hole was then covered by a series of disposable gauzes to help control the bleeding. In that same way, when we take something out of our lives, we have to put something in its place to help promote healing of the empty cavity. Its replacement can be temporary and disposable, but it is so necessary. My letters and phone calls will replace my wall comments and status updates. Another thing I am adding to help fill this void (sounds so dramatic) is a picture. Every day, I will take a picture of a significant or even unsignificant part of my day. I’ll allow myself to be creative and unhindered in my creativity.

This past weekend was full of really great times with really great friends. It ended with Danielle’s random trip to the mainland. She lives in Hawaii. Thursday she called to say she was almost to the airport on her way to Portland. Sunday evening she came to the New Heights Ascent service with me and then we, along with Cassie and Katie, went to Shari’s. It was so good to be around her and to voice our frustrations and struggles and passions. I am so fortune to know such a beautiful person. Around 1:30, we were still sitting in my car talking and ended up taking a series of random pictures. When you never see someone, you have to make up for lost time. 🙂

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  1. February 24, 2009 / 9:45 pm

    I admire what you’re doing as far as concentrating on strengthening/rebuilding relationships by personal contact rather than by electronic exchanges. While networking services have played an important role in my ability to stay in touch with friends and family around the country over the last couple of years, I’ve found that they’re definitely no substitute for hearing someone’s voice or reading words written in their own handwriting. I’ve also found that the less I use Facebook, the more connected I feel with my true friends. Strange how that works out. . . 🙂

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