{007/365} seeeeewwwwww……

remember how emily and i took over the zone and it exploded with paint? well that wasn’t all we had planned.

we went to goodwill and got jeans. and then we got lace at michael’s. and then today, you know what we did? we cut those jeans and we sewed that lace and now we have SHORTS WITH LACE! i am wearing mine right now and tomorrow we will take pictures of the final products, but oh man. i’m so proud of them.

mostly because.. believe it or not, this was my FIRST TIME SEWING. at one point i said “well put an apron on me and call me martha stewart!” because i was so excited to be SEWING. with a SEWING MACHINE!

MAN. and now the 3 iced americanos i’ve had today are catching up with me.



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