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It was a dark and stormy night…

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It was a dark and stormy night…

begins the first line of Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle In Time,” and begins the final chapters of the pregnancy of Baby Martian. As we sat in the delivery room, listening to …

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Fall Cleaning List

Maybe it’s nesting (probably) but on the first chilly Saturday of post-Labor Day, I went on a cleaning frenzy. We’re talking emptying out/wiping down cabinets, re-organizing under the sink, and FINALLY hanging up a clock in our kitchen (that we …

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2019 Fall Bucket List

Welcome to Blogtober! Sharing my 2019 Fall Bucket List with y’all today 🙂

I’ve never done this before but I realized/decided that I needed to pour my anxious energy during the last few weeks of pregnancy into SOMETHING, …

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Baby Martian // Week 38

This is it, y’all.

At our midwife appointment, we scheduled an induction for next weekend, the end of week 39. I’ve been planning on letting things happen naturally but after talking to both of our midwives, I decided to schedule …

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Baby Martian // Week 37

It is absolutely mind-blowing to think that we’re SO CLOSE to meeting our baby. and it’s also slightly terrifying. For a minute we were disappointed that we hadn’t taken a picture for week 37, and then I realized.. DUH! We …

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5 apps to make money with your receipts

One of my favorite hobbies is discovering simple ways to make money or earn gift cards. ESPECIALLY if those ways don’t include surveys, can I get an amen??? Whenever someone has a post about ways to earn extra money and …

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