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December Goals

Posted on 1

This month was a bust, goal wise. You know something funny? Somehow in my head, if I haven’t officially posted a new month of goals, it’s still the previous month. I didn’t factor in being gone for a week or Thanksgiving or anything, so.. well, yeah. But it’s okay.

I will say, though, I’m pretty mad that I didn’t buy fresh flowers. One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to buy flowers for myself every month for a year. I was on a 3 month streak. Dust yourself off and try again.

  1. Try a new recipe we tried this salsa verde chicken recipe that I can no longer find on the internet but it was SO GOOD.
  2. Buy fresh flowers
  3. Call the library about my library books
  4. Change my name
  5. Watch one movie Justen wants me to see & one Harry Potter movie
  6. Have 800 active listings on Poshmark
  7. Try 2 new coffee shops Sleepy Monk in Cannon Beach, OR &
  8. Try 1 new restaurant Pelican Brewing.
  9. Order Christmas Thank You cards
  10. Post at least one blog post a week

December Goals //

December Goals

  1. Try a new recipe
  2. Buy fresh flowers
  3. Get a new social security card
  4. Try 2 new coffee shops
  5. Create a bullet journal for my 2018 goals
  6. Leave a $20 tip for a bill under $10
  7. Consume 64 ounces of water a day for 2 weeks
  8. Read 2 books
    I know that I often suck at reading two books, but I’m like 20 pages shy of finishing one. To say read 1 book seems cheap.
  9. Read a book of the Bible
  10. Memorize and make a blog post about my most FAVORITE curry chicken recipe.

Sometimes my goals seem repetitive (the recipe & flowers) but it’s because they help me stay on track with my 101 list! A few years ago I did this “year of intention” that was kind of cool – I took my 101 list and scheduled monthly goals posts to go live and tried to force myself to accomplish them. It actually worked well for a few months and then I lost steam because life happened and I wasn’t able to accommodate that. I’ve tried a new recipe for 4 months in a row because it’s been on my list!

Every month as soon as my goals list goes live, I copy/paste the month’s goals to be at the top of the next months goals and I keep track of them that way. Some months it works better than other months, usually depending on how often I open my computer, haha. ๐Ÿ˜€

What are your end of the year goals?


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November 2017 Debt Repayment Recap

Posted on 1

I AM SO EXCITED TO POST THIS! I feel like I’ve waited for EVER to get back to my monthly debt repayment posts! I started my debt-free journey 2.5 years ago, and this is the first month that it’s been done as a team with Justen. We’re learning how to budget and have chosen to be a little light on our debt repayment right now because we’ve had to get a few more things for our apartment (like a printer and a Christmas tree!) and didn’t want to be tempted to put any Christmas gifts on a credit card.

All of that considered, we dropped our debt by 4% this month – we paid roughly double the minimum payments. We’re doing this in true snowball fashion so we paid off our smallest debt, the rings and then moved on to the Disney card. We creeped up on paying off half of the Disney card! Unfortunately, ย our Southwest card also creeped up a little bit because there are some recurring payments that are processed there and since we were focused on the Disney card, they didn’t get paid off immediately. That’s the danger of putting those things on a card! Once we have a $0 balance on our cards that will be easier to manage.

I’m really excited to pay off Justen’s car. Having my personal debt repayment journey be $1000 credit card and then a $15,000 car payment was daunting because it’s hard to feel the power of a snowball with a debt that big, but now we have one right in the middle of the two! Plus Justen’s interest on that is BRUTAL. The minimum payment of his car would nearly double the payment on mine, so by the time we get to my car we will have 1. a smaller hole and 2. a much bigger shovel.

To see the plan we’re using at a glance, check out this post I wrote about Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.ย 

You know what feels SO GOOD, though? Having $0 to pay on our wedding. We do have some of the honeymoon reflected on these cards but it’s not going to linger with us very long.


Rings: $416.39 $0 {-100%}
Disney card: $984.24 588.48 {-40.20%}
Southwest Card: $1,012.89 1,229.35 {+21.37}
Justen’s Car: $6,533.46 6356.62 {-2.70%}
Stephanie’s Car: $14,820 14,595.50 {-1.514}

Total Debt: ย $23,766.98 $22,769.95 {-4.19%}


Okay so here’s a question for y’all! Do you ever get overwhelmed with Christmas spending? Does it kind of creep up on you or do you enter into the season with a plan of what you’re getting and how much you’ll be spending?


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Clawfoot Tub Storage and other things.

Posted on 4

I KNOW. I haven’t posted like… ANY pictures of our apartment even though it’s super cute. I know this. I’m sorry. First it was because it wasn’t TOGETHER. Then it was because it wasn’t CLEAN. So maybe one day I’ll share some pictures. But right now I want to tell you something.

One of the selling points for me was the clawfoot tub in the bathroom. I saw that and my brain exploded into confetti. Like what? Who has a clawfoot tub in their apartment? WE DO, in our cute little apartment above the antique store. It’s so cute.

But it should have come with a pamphlet about how different a clawfoot tub is from a regular shower or tub. It’s stuff you wouldn’t think of either, I swear.

This morning as I was showering and making note of all the weird things about having a clawfoot tub I realized I just wanted to share them. Especially because I’m really proud of myself for something and I just need to brag for a moment.

Here are some things you don’t realize about clawfoot tubs until you have to use a clawfoot tub.


I moved into the apartment with all my cutesy things and soon discovered a problem. The shower got water EVERY. WHERE. Like literally all over the walls and the floor and it was a mess. We realized that clawfoot tubs, when used for showers, actually need TWO shower curtain liners. Or one big-a one but I wasn’t about spending all that money on a shower curtain. Instead, we bought TWO of these cheap ones from Target. One for the back, which now keeps the water from going all the places, and then the normal one for the front.


Okay a little less than a zillion – but if you need two shower curtain liners… you need two sets of shower curtain hooks. Lucky for us our apartment came with like TWO two full sets. We had so many shower hooks. We finally went and bought our own shower hooks, but look at all of the shower hooks I took off!!!

Like… what. But be forewarned: you’ll need TWO SETS of shower hooks!


The first few times I climbed (literally climbed because the sides are so tall!) into the tub, my life flashed before my eyes because my feet were landing on a slippery surface and I wasn’t supported enough to feel like I wasn’t going to die. We bought a mat from TJ Maxx – it has plastic brush-like things because our situation means that any flat surface is going to also be questionable.


There’s nowhere to put your stuff, which logically makes sense. You’re bathing in a standalone tub, so there’s nothing really ATTACHED to it. We tried using a stool, keeping it on the sink, leaving it on the floor of the tub, and finally I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Water got EVERYWHERE when they were kept outside of the shower, and having stuff on the floor just sucks. So I took to the internet for inspiration on clawfoot tub storage and ended up creating this:

It was SUPER EASY. All you need are wire baskets + zip ties. You just zip tie the wire baskets to the shower pole. I’d purchased a bunch of these gold baskets I found at Walmart. They were on clearance 2 for $1.50 so how could I not? We already had ห†zip ties on hand for our wedding, so it was a REALLY cheap solution.


Here is everything we eventually ended up having to buy:

Once we figured those things out, we began to LOVE our shower! I see all of these home improvement blogs writing about installing a clawfoot tub and feel so grateful that we have one in our APARTMENT.



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From the Drafts: Dollar.

One of the things on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days is to clean up my blog’s Drafts folder. Sometimes I write blogs and never go back to putting pictures in them or actually hitting “publish” so you might see them sneaking in ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve been holding hands for 669 days now and even each wear rings on them. Somehow the dollar joke wore off, but I’m going to be bringing it back because it was sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: still loving every day I get to spend with Justen Martian.

So far we’ve spent 210 (8/15) days of this year holding each other’s hand, and it’s great.


Sometimes, y’all. Sometimes he reaches for my hand at the most AWKWARD and inconvenient times. Like I’ll be holding my phone in my hand, and he’ll reach to grab my hand. or when my hand is in my pocket. I decided that it was becoming such an issue that he needed to pay me a dollar every time he awkwardly reached for my hand.

Often, we will be going about our day, strolling around Target or walking to a coffee shop or something like that. and my hand will be in my purse, feeling around for gum, and he’ll attempt to grab that hand.

and I’ll simply say “dollar.”

When I’m cold, I keep my hands tucked inside of my jacket sleeves. and he tries to hold my hand.


When I’m scratching my leg.


Right as I’m about to get up.


He doesn’t actually pay me a dollar, but it’s still fun. Plus he buys me coffee and dinner and puts up with me so he owes me literally nothing.

Do y’all have any cute little quirks about your relationship?

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Empties v 15 {Sept & Oct}

Posted on 2

So on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days is to do an empties post every month for a year. I started this in July. I posted in July and August, and then in September I only used up TWO PRODUCTS and I was like ehhhh not even worth writing about. But then I got back on the using shhh up train and used up more products in October and figured hey, I never said I had to do one empties post per month. So here I’m combining September and October and crossing off both months because I’m the boss of my 101 list and I can do what I want, right?

Here are the products I used up in September:

Eve Lom Cleanser

Okay I have to be honest about this one. I’ve had this for… way too long. I saved up my Birchbox points and cashed them in one day to buy this full sized Eve Lom Cleanser for like a zillion dollars. Not quite a zillion, but you know… $50!!! I got a sample of it in one of my Birchboxes and LOVED it. You spread the cleanser on your dry face and then you get a muslin cloth hot + wet and let it sit on your face and breathe in deeply. You do it twice and the third time you use the muslin cloth to wipe it off. It’s amazing.

But here’s the issue I have with products I really like. I tend to not use them often because I don’t want them to run out. Is this stupid or what? So I’ve had this probably beyond its expiration date but only use it when I feel fancy, until I realized I just need to GET RID OF my products. It’s so good, but I’d highly recommend trying to find a sample of it before investing in it.

Acure Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub

Yo I’ve never really used a red clay product before so tell me this if you have: are they SUPPOSED to smell like butt? I actually gave up on using this one because it smelled so foul! I got this as part of an environmentally conscious skincare Birchbox and really hated it. I’m okay with earthy smells, but not when they smell THIS bad. Abort mission.


and October:

Rimmel Just Let It Go Eye Makeup Remover

I got this years ago as part of an Influenster VoxBox and then couldn’t find it ANYWHERE! Eventually I spotted it at Grocery Outlet so I picked up a bottle. It’s pretty good! I like that it’s gentle on the eyes but it’s really effective at getting eye makeup off. The bottle lasted for awhile, too!

Root Pretty Organic Peppermint Toner

I have this unofficial goal of sampling EVERYTHING from the Root Pretty line ๐Ÿ˜€ I liked this peppermint toner, but I’d rather stick with my witch hazel + lemon toner. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a new toner that’s full of really great, organic products. Also use this link to get 10% off your first Root Pretty purchase ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Harvey Prince Petaly Noir

Yeah no. I really don’t like strong floral perfumes and this was one of them, if I remember correctly. I definitely prefer citrus or earthy scents.

100% Pure Coconut whipped body butter

That statement about keeping great products and using them sparingly applies here. Kristen got me this as a gift for Christmas maybe TWO years ago{!?} and I’ve been so stingy with using it! In my efforts to declutter my beauty products and not be scared of emptying products I love, I started applying this coconut body butter with a drop or two of lavender oil on my feet before bed. SO GOOD. It’s really moisturizing and thick so a little goes a long way. I HIGHLY recommend 100% Pure’s EVERYTHING.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment

A few years ago I saw a YouTube video about GlamGlow and they’ve been one of those brands I’ve become quietly in awe over and I have no reason why, haha. Getting this sample was so great because I’ve been wanting to try their products! I really liked this – it’s kind of like a mask but also a moisturizer. You apply it to your face and then let it sit. If there’s anything left over you can rub it into your face so there’s no washing or anything! It didn’t leave a greasy residue but I did feel like my face felt more oily than normal for the rest of the day, so I won’t be purchasing this.

L’Oreal Infallible Paints Eye Shadowย 

Okay so true story – I was at the Bins one day and saw this L’Oreal eyeshadow still in its wrapper with a Target salvage sticker on it so YOU KNOW I added it to my cart. Except I literally hated this stuff. I tried it twice. Maybe it’s a user issue (could easily be) but I felt like it was SO MUCH on my eyes. Like the creasing was out of this world after wearing it for awhile and it just felt really chalky and gross. Hard pass.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

Another Birchbox – at some point just assume EVERYTHING is from or originated from a Birchbox – I like hair masks because my hair is really long and REALLY susceptible to breaking/splitting/etc. This was a pretty good hair mask, but nothing special and if I’m gonna shell out money for a hair mask, I want it to be special.


Well there it finally is! You can see that I was so determined to get this posted and those empty bottles out of the apartment that I took iPhone photos, but whatever!

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