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October 2018 Goals

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october goals //

Happy October! One day I’ll get back to posting my monthly goals on the first of the month, but until then we’ll have to take them a week into it. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and forgot to factor that into my September goals, but at least I did some of them, I guess. First a look back at September’s Goals.

September Goals

  1. Post 6 blog posts
  2. Send friend mail
  3. Re-do my “about me” page
  4. Get rid of the behind the couch clutter
  5. Buy flowers
  6. Decorate for fall
  7. Host an Instagram giveaway
  8. Try a new coffee shop
  9. Read a book
  10. Apply for 10 sponsored opportunities

6/10 .. over half! That’s something.

October Goals

  1. Have 650 available listings on Poshmark
    As of right now, I have 575.
  2. Visit 2 new coffee shops
  3. Get rid of 20 items from my closet
  4. Bake apple muffins
  5. Visit a pumpkin patch
  6. Make apple cider
  7. Send a care package with an empty Birchbox
  8. Go to the gym 3 xs
  9. See First Man in IMAX
  10. Journal 5 xs

Starting to realize that my goals can be more than just forcing myself to do things I don’t want to do, my goals can be things I WANT to do.

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September Goals

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It’s been a hot minute since I posted a goals post, but I am needing a list for the month SO BAD!

This month is pretty crazy – a LOT  (and I mean A LOT) of traveling. We’re talking almost 1/2 of the nights of this month NOT sleeping in my own bed. I’ve been realizing that when there are nights away from home on the horizon, I tend to lose my sanity and freak out and shut down. That makes goals so much more important – if I can determine what is important to me and make a cross-offable (made that up thank you very much!) list to stay motivated.

My lists have been very specific to accomplishing my 101 in 1001 list and I’m stepping away from that and making my list full of things I immediately need/want to get done, regardless of if it moves the needle on my 101 list or not.

September Goals

September Goals

  1. Post 6 blog posts
  2. Send friend mail
  3. Re-do my “about me” page
  4. Get rid of the behind the couch clutter
  5. Buy flowers
  6. Decorate for fall
  7. Host an Instagram giveaway
  8. Try a new coffee shop
  9. Read a book
  10. Apply for 10 sponsored opportunities

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My Favorite Brands to sell on Poshmark

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my favorite brands to sell on poshmark //

As of today, I’ve sold 1800 items on Poshmark.
Which is so bananas, y’all.
Last year I started my Poshmark closet as a way to start a side hustle and get out of debt.

Two actual jobs, a temporary move across the country, getting married and having new responsibilities and Poshmark is the main source of my income and my work-time.

I’ve been excited to see so many friends start their own Poshmark closets to earn a little extra money! I personally buy a lot of my clothes to resell from the Goodwill Outlet (aka the bins!) and it can be SO OVERWHELMING to walk in and see all the clothes and figure out what’s good and what’s bad. So here’s a list of my favorite brands to sell on Poshmark.

Before I share my list, I want to let you know about how I run my closet. There are people who have closets full of high end designer brands. When they make a sale, they make $25. I’m okay to make a $5 profit. The way I plan on making my money is by having a high quantity of items and making MORE sales than having less items for a higher price. Neither way is “right” or “better,” because it’s all about 1. how much space you have, 2. how much work you’re willing to put in (and in what part of your closet you want to put your work in), and 3. what kinds of items you want to sell.

That said! My ideal is to make $10-15 from EVERY sale. I’ve been playing around with what items I’m putting in my closet, so this list is ALWAYS changing. It’s personal to ME, MY STYLE, and what items I want to offer for people at a discounted price!

Here’s a small list of my favorite brands to find at the bins for reselling on Poshmark:

  • Anthropologie
    It doesn’t sell as well as it used to but I personally love it. Here’s a list of Anthropologie labels.. they RARELY actually say ANTHROPOLOGIE. When in doubt, check the tag labels for the RN #66170 – that means it’s either Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters.
  • Free People 
  • lululemon
  • Joie 
  • Eileen Fisher
  • NWT Mossimo/A New Day/Universal Threads
    Our bins get a lot of NWT Target clothing, and I often can sell them for a $7-$10 profit. I’ll take a $10 profit any day!
  • LuLaRoe
    Some people have stepped away from LuLaRoe because of its over saturation, but I PERSONALLY love LuLaRoe, and I know there are a LOT of LLR fans, so I always pick up LuLaRoe at the bins. They often sell in bundles.
  • Lilly Pulitzer
    Living in the northwest, Lilly Pulitzer is fairly unknown, but I once paid $22 for a pair of Lilly Pulitzer pants at TJ Maxx and sold them for $85. If I find Lilly Pulitzer, I get REALLY happy.
  • Torrid
    Torrid is a really popular, trendy plus-size store that is SO EXPENSIVE. I like being able to offer these items at a reasonable price!
  • Maurices
    I’m not sure why, but Maurices tends to sell really well for me! I always make sure the styles are trendy and the item is in great condition.
  • Sundance
  • Soft Surroundings

Brands I don’t buy:

  • Brands exclusively sold at Sears, JC Penney, Walmart, Fred Meyer, etc.
  • Boutique brands
  • Nike
    So weird, I know! But unless the style is SUPER new and SUPER trendy or classic like the tempo shorts, I tend to just sit on Nike items for literally a year.
  • H&M, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Rue21

This is not at all an exhaustive list, and this is also not a list for people who are looking for high-end brands. This is my list of what I’d call “bread and butter” items – items I love to fill my Poshmark closet with.

I’m going to start sharing more about my Poshmark journey on my blog because there are so many people looking for information about Poshmark and I love sharing what I’ve been learning, so let me know if you have any questions!

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How in the world is it August already? Why do I literally always start ALL of my blog posts freaking wondering why and how it got to be whatever day/month it is?

Awhile ago we were going through the stuff I’d left in my mom’s garage, getting ready for a garage sale, when I found a letter from September 2014 that I’d addressed to myself to be read in September 2015.

I read it and felt a sinking feeling in my heart. It was encouraging myself to keep on keeping on with stuff I’d turned around in my life: emotions, managing my weight, paying off my debt and working on my blog.

It was like reading a list of all the ways I’ve failed. emotions, weight, debt, this blog.

So I cried about that, because ugh. There’s nobody to blame but myself. All of those unaddressed issues in my life leave me feeling pretty worthless as a person.

Having literally ALL DAY to be in charge of my seconds, minutes and hours makes all of that even worse. I COULD be being more intentional about caring for myself, I COULD be taking time to eat better and/or exercise, I COULD be way more diligent with my finances and I COULD spend time at my computer writing blog posts.

and yet…

I do all the other easy things.

I honestly feel like there’s a weird switch that’s been flipped in my being where I just can’t seem to make the best decisions for myself. and I keep thinking “well if only ________,” but that thing never happens or matters or anything.

It’s rough.

I love and miss you little corner of the internet. Thanks for always being here.

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A few words for when you think you can’t.

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Lately I’ve had a few people come up to me and say “you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll get this,” and I’ve literally looked around uncomfortably and wondered why they would think that.

I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m just a girl who digs through other people’s discarded clothing and sells it on the internet.

and then the other day it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Forget that lie, I am a freaking bad-a. A few years ago I was miserable at a job that I loved but was overworked, underpaid and felt unappreciated. I finally got the courage to quit that job. Landed in another job I hated. Quit that to nanny full time. and while nannying this precious baby boy, I realized… I cannot work for other people. I hate driving to work, I hate being at work, I hate thinking about going to work.

So I quit that and started doing something I LOVE – going to thrift stores and buying stuff I don’t need… but not to keep, to sell.

and now when family needs help, I can provide it. If friends want to get coffee mid-day, I can accommodate it. If I want to fly to Nashville for two and a half weeks…

I don’t have to request time off from anybody except Justen.


Here’s the thing, though. I spent YEARS – literally YEARS – trying to figure out what job I wanted, applying for jobs for the money, and feeling absolutely miserable. Every time Ernie would talk to me about taking a leap of faith and quitting my job, I would give a zillion reasons why I couldn’t do it and I’d hide underneath a cloak of fear.

and now as I think about the past year, deciding not to “get” a job at some point, I realize how heavy my weights were.

I spent a LONG time listening to CAN’T.

I CAN’T quit my job.
I CAN’T trust myself.
I CAN’T make as much money as I do.
I CAN’T sustain something.
I CAN’T this or that.

But “CAN’T” was really a less vulnerable way of saying “I’m scared to…” and I KNOW there are people who can relate to that list, as well as add a crap ton more, and I have a few words I want to tell you.

You can.

and you can, scared.

and you can, scared and uncertain.

and you can, scared and uncertain and overwhelmed.

Don’t be stupid about it. Don’t leap before you look a little. Plan a little. Save some money, make a plan, recruit support, take some time to cry for a whole day

and then do it. Scared, uncertain and overwhelmed. Whatever “it” is. You know deep in your soul. Your “it” might be a little vague, like mine (I can’t work for someone else), so you might need to get creative.

Do it WHILE you plan. Do it WHILE you save. Do it WHILE you’re recruiting support and do it WHILE you cry for days at a time.

I never would have believed in myself a fraction of what I do had my friend Ernie not spent so much time encouraging me, pouring into me and celebrating me when I finally did it.

Not everybody has an Ernie in their corner, so I wanted to take a minute to root you on. You CAN sell that smudge-proof lipstick. You CAN start a t-shirt company. You CAN build an online consulting business. You CAN do the thing that makes you forget that making money used to suck. You have within you the ability to take time off without submitting a request.

This is just your friendly reminder than you CAN, you DESERVE IT, and it’s there for the taking. Sparkle on, my friends. 

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