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May 2018 Debt Repayment Recap

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This is SO LATE! I literally got alllllll of these details and numbers all ready and APPARENTLY I forgot to actually post this. I’m eye rolling SO HARD right now.

This month we did a pretty good job of paying off debt. Nothing super great, but I see that we’re nearly at 23% of our debt paid off this year and our goal is to have paid off 33% this year so we are doing really well. I wish I could say we were working extra hard and scaling back, but we’re really just coasting right now.

I think once we’re on to Justen’s car, it’s game. on. because #1. that number doesn’t fluctuate, and #2. freeing up his car payment will give us so. much. more. money in our monthly budget (the payment isn’t insane, but it’s our 3rd largest set payment behind rent and my car).

But first the Southwest card has just become a beast, because it just keeps going up and down. I 100% understand why Dave Ramsey says to CUT UP your credit cards because it’s so hard to get on top of right now. It’s connected to my essential oils account and my Southwest travel account and a bunch of small recurring payments (like hosting, Netflix, etc) and I’ve never gone in to change those. We’ve had a few unexpected expenses come up that we’ve put on the card and then I use my Poshmark money to pay it down each month, but it’s hard when those unexpected expenses are huge. So anyway. Even though that’s sometimes really frustrating, I’m just remembering that we’re so on track for hitting our goal and I don’t need to be disappointed that I’m not on track to be an overachiever, lol πŸ˜‰

May 2018 Debt Repayment Recap

Southwest CC:Β 394.57 278.25 {-29.48}
Stephanie’s Phone: Β 706.43 0.00 {-100%}
Justen’s Car: Β 5248.73 5060.18 {-3.59%}
Stephanie’s Car: Β 13,136.83 12,899.31 {-1.80%}

Total:Β  19,186.56Β $18,237.74 {-4.94%}

2018 Total Payoff: $23,661.40 $18,237.74 {-22.92%}

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10 things that make me happy

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One of my May Goals was to take photos of 10 different things that make me happy as part of my 101 in 1001 list. I’m rounding up those 10 photos right here. Hopefully they’ll make you happy too πŸ˜€

We were walking around our neighborhood the other day and I saw this plant that IMMEDIATELY reminded me of a unicorn. It is the perfect start to my pictures of happy things because I cannot get over how happy this plant makes me.

Any day where Space Mountain fast passes are involved πŸ™‚


Finally taking my rose gold ears to Disneyland… and capturing this great picture of a stranger and his girl.


This is Justen sharing my Poshmark closet for me. Almost completely out of nowhere, Justen got really into working on my Poshmark closet in his free time.


My new River Maiden shirt! I have 0 shirts from local coffee shops, and I was so excited to buy this. River Maiden had a pretty rough year this past year, and I’m proud to be a customer of theirs <3


I spent MONTHS trying to find these Sam & Libby sandals on the internet. I finally found them on Poshmark and bought them and I am SO GLAD I did. The big huge bows just make my freaking day. Also my distressed embellished jeans were like $11 at JC Penney, which ALSO makes me happy.


Piles and piles of Poshmark packages really make me happy. I look at this and I get dollar signs in my eyes because this is my JOB, y’all. How unreal. It makes me so happy.


My new pajamas! Halfway through the month I developed a pretty severe, distressing eye twitch. It was on and off all day for over two weeks. at one point we called the advice nurse who gave us a bunch of suggestions, one of which was to allow myself to oversleep. While we were out, I bought a new pair of pajamas and an eye mask and really started to take the whole oversleeping thing seriously. HOW CUTE is the print on these pjs, y’all?

Freaking PEONIES! I picked these up at Trader Joe’s, but I’m just all the heart eyes over peonies and I’m on a mission to figure out how I can keep them alive forever and make a bed out of them. I guess that’s a bit extreme but hey that’s me.

Starbucks Happy Hour with my Justen. We’re not frapuccino people, but when they’re half off then sure. We walked the 1/2 a mile down to Safeway to get these and enjoy the warm afternoon.

My camera roll was full of more moments and photos of things that make me happy and THAT made me even happier. πŸ˜€

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Whole 30 Compliant Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

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Whenever we’re in need of a new recipe (which is once a month thanks to my 101 in 1001 list), we ALWAYS search for something that is Whole 30 compliant. Our go-to recipes will always be Whole 30 compliant if that’s all that we look for. Which isn’t to say were constantly on Whole 30, because we’re not. But they’re safe from dairy and gluten and stuff that makes us feel gross.

A few months ago we decided to try this SUPER SIMPLE Buffalo Chicken crock pot recipe from The Real Food Dietitians. So far we’ve loved it: by itself, on spaghetti squash, and on baked potatoes. I imagine it would be great in a salad or in a wrap… seriously, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

All you need:

Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken // Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken // Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken // Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken // Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken // Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken //

Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken // Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken // Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken //

All you do is melt the ghee in a sauce pan over medium-high heat, then add all the ingredients minus the chicken and stir together. Pour over chicken in crock pot and cook on low for 4-6 hours. Shred chicken with two forks before serving (I like to let it sit in the sauce for a little bit after it’s shredded).

Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken //

Whole 30 compliant crock pot buffalo chicken //

Serve however you feel like. Baked potatoes, next to potatoes… we love this recipe and it lasts us for a few days. It is so delicious.

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Don’t cry over spilled hot sauce.

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Today I had this brilliant idea to clean out the pantry, which was the only thing on our to do list. Not that there’s nothing else to do, it’s just that it’s the only thing we’d written down.

As I was organizing something on the top shelf, as if in slow motion, the bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce was knocked over and fell to the floor, which popped off the top and sent hot sauce LITERALLY FLYING ALL OVER THE KITCHEN. I seriously found hot sauce like 5 feet away.

I hate hot sauce.

I hate the smell. I hate the taste. In fact, the ONLY REASON I buy this is so we can make buffalo sauce. I NEVER use this on its own.

And suddenly it was all over my (new) pants, my (just washed) favorite shirt, and my freshly showered feet. I reeked of hot sauce. The kitchen reeked of hot sauce. and my plans of quickly organizing the pantry and and being on my way slowly slipped away.

I rolled my eyes, took a picture for good measure, and then realized there was nothing to do but clean it up.

There’s been a LOT of stuff in my life that I just don’t like but lately have felt covered in. Like gravity and a bump of the elbow, things beyond my control have fallen at my feet and it’s been up to me to mouth-breathe my way through cleaning up a mess that makes me gag.

As I stood there, eyes straight up rolled to the ceiling, I realized that sometimes my tendency is to walk out of the room when gravity pulls crap to the floor in front of me. I like to just say “I didn’t do this,” and refuse to address my responsibility to clean it, regardless of if I “DID” it or not. Sometimes if you stop and look around and there’s no other party to clean up the mess, job’s on you. Not because you DID anything, but because there are consequences to walking away (like even smellier hot sauce, sticky floors, hot sauce foot prints in every room of the apartment).

So here’s to being responsible and putting things on hold to tend to messes that fall at our feet regardless of our participation in the making of them.

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May 2018 Goals

Shoot y’all. May is LITERALLY HALFWAY OVER and I’m just now dropping my goals for the month here. April was rough. I always reference my planner for my goals and Justen put my planner away and I couldn’t find it. 😐 ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, when I finally looked back at my goals I was excited that I did much better than I’d imagined.

April Goals:

  1. New Recipe
  2. Buy Flowers
  3. Read 2 books
  4. Wear earrings every day for a month and get rid of any I don’t wear or like (#71 on my 101 list)
    So this just in: earrings absolutely destroy my ears, does anyone else have this problem? My piercings kept getting kind of infected. I wore earrings every day the best I could and have determined the few earrings I’d like to keep. I figured that counted πŸ˜€
  5. add 50 entries to my gratitude journal
  6. Go on a hike
  7. Send 4 letters
  8. Celebrate a random holiday
    Caramel Popcorn Day. It didn’t end well, let’s just leave it at that.
  9. Try a new coffee shop
  10. Clean up my blog’s draft folder

Completed: 6/10 60%

ANYWAY. On to May. That rhymes :]

May Goals //


  1. Try a new recipe
  2. Buy myself flowers
  3. Send bday cards to Hannah & Cillian
  4. Try a new coffeeshop
  5. Go on a hike
  6. Order Poshmark business cards
  7. Read 2 books {1 of 2 finished}
  8. 50 gratitude entries
  9. Take photos of 10 things that make me happy
  10. Go on 3 walks and listen to podcasts {1 of 3}

It’s weird how setting goals takes some fine tweaking. I need to figure out how to set really realistic and beneficial goals that I’m excited about working towards. Because we’re already halfway through the month, there’s some stuff I’ve already accomplished. Now if only I could remember to add these freaking goal posts at the freaking beginning of the month, lol.


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