March Goals check in.

In February, I accomplished very few of my 10 goals. I was mindful of the goals I set for myself in March, and since we’re almost 1/2way through with March (UM WHAT) I figured I’d check in and share my progress. I might do this every month, honestly!

Here are my March Goals, originally posted here.

  1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge (hello I’m in San Fran, I can’t NOT do that)
  2. Save $1,000 (read why here) I’ve added a little tracker to my sidebar!
  3. Read 2 Harry Potter books (so finish up through the 5th book)
  4. Try 3 Tone It Up recipes
  5. Visit a new coffeeshop
  6. Add 75 things to my Gratitude Journal
  7. Get a manicure 
  8. Donate 100 items. I’d decided on this BEFORE my good friend Susannah posted this Uncluttering challenge!
  9. Touch an elephant
  10. Leave a $20 tip for a bill under $10 (I keep thinking about doing this but I need to just DO it)

Here’s where we’re at! The cool thing is that two of these were items on my 101 list and reading Harry Potter is working towards another thing on my 101 list!

  1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge 
    I kicked the month off in San Francisco, and while I was there my friends helped make sure I could walk across the Golden Gate Bridge!
    Golden Gate Bridge //
  2. Save $1,000 (read why here)
    I added a little tracker to my sidebar – my goal is to save up $5k overall, and so far this month I’m already at $755.
  3. Read 2 Harry Potter books
    I JUST finished reading the 3rd book. I’d hoped to finish 3 and read 4&5 but today when I grabbed the 4th book and looked at the 5th… I forgot how BIG the books got. Hoping to at least finish book 4.
  4. Try 3 Tone It Up recipes
    Yikes! I haven’t tried ANY – glad I did this check in so I could be reminded of this!
  5. Visit a new coffeeshop
    Yesterday Justen and I went to church with my dad and afterwards we took the opportunity to find a new coffeeshop to visit – we stopped by Blend Coffee in N. Portland. They served Stumptown and were pretty good except I was so distracted that I forgot to finish my really good almond milk mocha.
    Blend Coffee in Portland, OR //
  6. Add 75 things to my Gratitude Journal
    So far I’m at 25. Getting there. 😀
  7. Get a manicure 
  8. Donate 100 items.
    My donate pile has around 24 items right now.
  9. Touch an elephant
    DONE. On Saturday, Justen and I drove to the Wildlife Safari and we pet AND FED an elephant!

  10. Leave a $20 tip for a bill under $10
    Not yet! I haven’t taken the $20 out of the bank, but I’m excited to do this!

I’m at 40% so far! Excited that I’ve already completed more of my March goals than I did of my February ones! Now. Time to get to work on Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire!

March 13, 2017

Root Pretty Faves

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m just all sorts of heart eyes about Root Pretty. They’re an all natural, cruelty free beauty line that I stumbled upon a few years ago. One of the things I LOVE about them the most is that they basically have samples of everything they sell, so you can try before you commit. That’s allowed me to slowly discover products I love before investing and committing to the full size products + price.

They recently had a free shipping + double Pretty Points (their rewards) on purchases, so I figured I’d try out a few new things and tell you about them!

Root Pretty samples //

Here’s what I picked up to try this time around. Not pictured is an aftershave for Justen. The eyeshadow was actually a thank you gift! They include a little eyeshadow sample with all of their orders, how cute is that?!

Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub
This smells so wonderful – and tastes good, too! It’s just coconut oil, cane sugar and vitamins so I had no problem licking my lips while it was on my face. A little went a long way, it was ultra scrubby and smelled so great. I’m not sure if I’ll be buying the full product because I already make my own coffee scrub, which I think is a cheaper version of this.

Beauty Sleep Serum
Last April I used up the last of a serum I really loved. When I opened and used the Root Pretty Beauty Sleep Serum, I FREAKED because it smells JUST LIKE the other brand I tried. I’ll definitely be investing in the full size of this one. A little goes a long way, and it doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy or anything. I’d be able to apply it and sleep on my pillows without worrying that it’d get all over. Loooooove this!!!

Fresh Lavender Cleanser
I just realized that I have more Root Pretty products I could include in this, but they’re sitting in my Empties box. I bought a sample of their Fresh Face Cleanser, and was disappointed in it because it was so thin. I personally like cleansers to have some scrub to it so that I feel like it’s scrubbing the dirt off. I thought this one was just a creamy version of the other one, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out it had scrub to it!! I’ll definitely be investing in this one, as well. See, it works to sell samples because then people want the full size!

Organic Peppermint Toner
I make my own witch hazel/lemon juice toner, and while I liked the tingly feel of this toner I think I’ll stick to mine for the same reasons I listed about the sugar scrub.

Eyeshadow in Paris 
This eyeshadow is a nude pink that I’m not sure I’ll wear – I tend to stick with shimmery gold colors on my eyes. I’m really basic in that way. I’ll try it eventually, but it might take awhile.

Root Pretty //

These are my tried and true ride or dies, ESPECIALLY the Pretty Booster. I SWEAAARRRR by that stuff. I used to buy the Dr. Jart+ BB Cream, but this has replaced that. I love how well it blends with my skin without being greasy or too dark/light. It’s perfect.

You can’t tell, but there are two separate products in the little cases with white lids. One is a setting silk. Why I bought I setting silk I literally have no idea. I don’t even really know what setting silks are for, but you know what I love Root Pretty and they sold it and I might have read an article on Pinterest about it and decided to add it to my cart, IDK. Anyone want to help a girl out, here?

The other jar is Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation. When did I become a person who used all these things? IDK, but I’m down. I had some samples I tried and thought that I’d found the perfect one until I started feeling like the color was way too light. Luckily I was able to find a sample of a slightly different color to try, and guess what. DING DING DING, we have a winner! That’s what the little G3.5 sample is. So I decided to just mix it with the lighter color until the lighter color runs out so I don’t waste any of it. Shrug.

Since I’m apparently a makeup grown up now, I use brushes and got this brush cleaner. Which I love. It’s foamy and I get excited to clean my brushes because I love using it. It takes a lot to excite me, apparently.

Root Pretty //

So there you have it. My currently-using Root Pretty Collection. I cannot begin to say enough kind things about Root Pretty. Once I missed a 30% sale because I hadn’t paid attention to the time zone at the end of the ending time, and after I tweeted about it, they sent me my own 30% off code to use. They are a small business I plan on supporting for the rest of my life.

If you’re interested in trying some of their stuff, shop with my link and you’ll get 10% off your first $25+ purchase. Then come back here and let me know what you got so we can talk about it – I need more people to geek out with about Root Pretty! 😀

March 9, 2017

Currently March

Another month. I was looking back over my posts in February and realized I’d only really posted the Currently post and like one other post in the whole freaking month – WHAT! Let’s kick off this week with a convo about some currentlies, what do you think?!

watching: The Bachelor, The Challenge + Friends. Can I just have a minute to say that ABC are a bunch of cotton headed ninny muggins for announcing that Rachel is the next Bachelorette WHILE SHE WAS STILL ON THE SHOW. Anyone with me? So stupid!

But speaking of ABC. Did you guys tune into the Time After Time the other night? It’s a show where Jack the Ripper finds his way to modern day via the time machine of H. G. Wells. I’m hooked. AND. The lead girl is SO FREAKING CUTE. I tweeted about it AND SHE RESPONDED. what the heck, now I love this show times infinity.

eating: well you know what I’m NOT eating? Freaking Girl Scout cookies. You know what I WISH I was eating? FREAKING GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. I’ve already downed some Thin Mints so far, and my Samoa count is at 2. I’d love three of every Girl Scout cookie, who can make that happen?

saying: that I cannot wait for Disneyland. I bought a bunch of nerdy Disneygear to bring with me and I am more excited than I usually am because of it.

wearing: these LuLaRoe leggings I dug out of the bins a few weeks ago. My mom asked me if I was going to resell them on Poshmark and I said um no, and have been wearing the crap out of them ever since. I’ve also been wearing a lot of soft, loose fit t-shirts but they ALWAYS seem to get little holes in them! What the heck, does anyone know why this is happening?!

See how cute those leggings are? and see the holes in my shirt? WHAT GIVES?! Help me!

posting: or TRYING to post more on Instagram. I know that as a blogger/influencer, Instagram is a huge and important tool for me but I often find myself kinda paralyzed about what to post on Instagram. When I do consistently post on Instagram, my followers definitely grow so IDK why I’m so weird about it. I guess I’m just weird about a lot of stuff in general.

Linking up with Anne and Carrie for the Currently Link Up (side note I made it in with 5 minutes to spare praise hands emoji)

March 7, 2017

2017 Oscars

A few years ago I made myself a goal of one day watching all of the best picture nominees before the Oscars. Last year I saw half of them and this year I set my mind to it, and watched the last one the day before the Oscars. I was more excited for that awards show than I have ever been. I was also much more emotionally invested in many of the categories.

Hidden Figures was my favorite of all the movies, so naturally it won nothing. Manchester by the Sea was the only movie I REALLY didn’t like, but as the night went on I realized how much I wanted anything but La La Land to win. Not that I didn’t like the movie, I really did, but there were so many other magnificent movies that didn’t receive recognition.

Real quick, though. Denzel Washington should have won Best Actor. Hands down. Carry on.

So at the end of the night, when it was time for Best Picture, I said to Justen, “if La La Land wins, I’m going to flip a table.” What happened next LITERALLY had my jaw dropped and tears forming in my eyes. As the cast and crew of La La Land stood on the stage accepting their award(s), that one guy came up and said that Moonlight had actually won. I cried. Moonlight broke my heart in so many ways. It was so good and heavy and powerful.

At first I thought it was kind of like the Adele giving Beyonce the Album of the Year award, but it wasn’t. There was actually a mistake.

I had to rewind it to watch it all over again because I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

SO NATURALLY I took to Twitter (ok just kidding let’s be real I was on Twitter all night) to see how other people were responding. These are a compilation of my favorite Oscar related Tweets.

Anyway. This is a few days late, but I mostly just wanted to brag about how I saw all of the Best Pic nominees 😀


March 3, 2017

March Goals

Hello, March.
In an unintentional celebration of the beginning of March, I’m in San Francisco with one of my closest friends and her Northern Irish clan.

Another month, another set of goals. I’m going to be honest: I sucked at February’s goals. I started a little list in my planner about why my February goals sucked so much. Here are the two big things I came up with:

  1. They were percentage based.
    At first I thought this was cool. I could just do something 1/2 of the month in whatever order I wanted and still meet my goal. That was great until it was February 17th and I realized I would no longer be able to meet that goal. All or nothing, baby. All or nothing.
  2. They weren’t time-budgeted.
    Listen, I spent a LOT of time at the movies. Like a LOT. I spent most of the weekends at the movies. Which was great, but it took away my time to go on a hike. I didn’t plan what Pinterest project I would complete. I started things that needed my time more than making + sending Valentines. I just didn’t budget my time well, and a lot of my goals this month were time-heavy.

That said, here’s how I did on February’s Goals:

February Goals

01. Read Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban + 2 other books FAILLL. I didn’t even finish Harry Potter! 
02. Watch all of the Oscar best picture nominees before the Oscars.
03. Send 30 Valentine’s FAILLLL. I only made 4 and have sent 0. Ugh. 
04. Exercise 30 minutes a day, 3xs a week FAIL. 
05. Complete a project from Pinterest I did this while I was waiting for the Oscars. I posted a teaser pic on Instagram, and once I’m back home I’ll post a pic of the finished product, but this pin was the inspiration.
SO //
06. Go on a hike FAIL. I just was so busy watching movies. 
07. Clean my room before bed every night for 2 weeks. FAIL. I never got my room clean enough to clean every night, ugh.
08. Document an ordinary day in pictures. FAIL. I just suck at this because I forget to start it and remember I was planning on doing it at like 1:30 pm. 
09. Drink enough water 50% of the month. FAIL. I realized that the number of ounces I was trying to drink was insane and discouraging. I did, however, start drinking a lot more water. 
10. Drop my credit card debt by 60% (the magic number would be $279.66) How about 100%?! Boom.

3/10. 30%. Yikes.

It’s also really discouraging to be like “oh hey I should cross something off my list of goals,” and look down and see that I can’t really just DO one of them, so this month my goals are a little more do-ing. Here’s what I plan on doing in March:

march goals //

  1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge (hello I’m in San Fran, I can’t NOT do that)
  2. Save $1,000 (read why here) I’ve added a little tracker to my sidebar!
  3. Read 2 Harry Potter books (so finish up through the 5th book)
  4. Try 3 Tone It Up recipes
  5. Visit a new coffeeshop
  6. Add 75 things to my Gratitude Journal
  7. Get a manicure 
  8. Donate 100 items. I’d decided on this BEFORE my good friend Susannah posted this Uncluttering challenge!
  9. Touch an elephant
  10. Leave a $20 tip for a bill under $10 (I keep thinking about doing this but I need to just DO it)

I’m ready for this. February felt really productive financially but I felt really stressed and spread thin and like that made it really difficult to accomplish any of the things I really wanted to. But I’m ready for this now. Strong arm emoji here. 😀

What are some things you want to accomplish this month?! Drop me a line below!

March 2, 2017