I’m Stephanie.

This is my blog.

My last name is Orefice. Oar-ehf-ICE.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest – for two years I was near Seattle, and for a year I lived in SoCal, but now I rest near Portland, OR.

This year I began a journey to get out of debt. I’m not as hardcore about it as I think I should be, but for now I’m at least tackling it in a more deliberate way than I was a year ago.

I also began taking care of my body – I’ve lost 50 lbs and will keep going until a healthy diet and active lifestyle hits it’s resting place.

I love helping people. This blog will be a place where people can find help – for emotional wounds, for spiritual thirst, for tips on staying financially healthy, for a good laugh or for encouragement to be brave.

Please e-mail me. I love making friends. If you live in Washington or Oregon, let’s get coffee or go on a hike or both. Tell me your story.


March 23, 2011
  • Sarah at the Blogguidebook

    Madeleine L’engle was my grandmother/aunt/sister I always wanted. Her books are extraordinary.
    Have your read her book Story of a Marriage about her life? It’s wonderful and a great read for those considering marriage too.
    You won our Day 26, Myrtle’s Boutique giveaway too! Congrats!

  • Nicole | Pharr Away

    I love this and I love your blog!!!

  • I love your new about me. 🙂

    • THANK YOU! they are still slowly trickling in, and then I’m going to make it even more awesome 🙂

  • I really love your blog! You are so funny and so relate-able! I can tell you are just so genuine! Also you and your guy are just the most precious-est! I look up to your blogging ways

  • Awe so glad you found my blog! Your faith and love for live is evident in your blog already! I am excited to read more!