Stupid Pinterest + Link Up

It’s finally here, people.

Not only am I sharing ANOTHER Stupid Pinterest… but it’s a freaking PARTY because Breenah and I are collaborating on a link up. It’s monthly so that it gives you time to be constantly keeping your eyes open while you’re on Pinterest.

stupid pinterest //

PopSugar was behind my Stupid Pinterest post about 7 ways to become a better runner. and here we are again.

79 productive things to do in front of the TV.

Because when we all sit down to watch TV, we’re like “how can I be productive while doing this,” right?

Half of the time the most productive thing I do while I’m watching TV is having the self-control to hit the “OFF” button when the show after the show I’m watching is over.

the other half of the time, the most productive thing I do while I’m watching TV is not taking an entire bag of chips and an entire jar of salsa with me so that I won’t eat all of it.

Am I the only one? Or are there HONESTLY people in the world whose approach to TV is that it’s a time to do anything productive?

Stupid pinterest, making me feel like I am an unproductive TV watcher.

Okay, it’s YOUR TURN! Have you seen any stupid pinterest posts lately??

By Breenah

By Breenah


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it’s hip to be square nashville part 1

I’m here in Nashville, and I kind of foolishly thought I’d be able to steal moments to catch up on blogging or be prepared, and now I’m seeing that it’s a lot more difficult than I’d thought it would be. and you are about to see why.

amber //

My super sweet wonderful friend Amber picked me up from the airport. Over the past few months, her love and support and care has been invaluable for me.

day 1 //

From the moment I walked into their house, it was nonstop love and excitement and happiness. I brought them a little box full of hair things and bracelets because they’re the fanciest girls I know. Look at Lucy – she put the flower headband on and then ran upstairs to get a hula skirt to match it. I literally can’t with these two. They kill me.

Also. There is a new addition to the Halter family. Ernie’s been posting about her on his instagram (fyi if you’re not following him yet, you should).

whisper //

That, my friends… is WHISPER. The tiniest kitten I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life and I literally want to hold her until I die. She’s the cutest and if you’ve never seen twin toddlers with a tiny kitten… you are MISSING OUT. Luckily I took a few snaps for you.

whisper //

And over the weekend we took a trip to Georgia. Just an overnight trip. We were so excited about going to Georgia together… until that moment the girls realized we couldn’t take Whisper with us. There was literally the cutest meltdown I’ve ever seen in my life.

whisper //

Well. It’s almost time for me to do a little pre-nap Fancy Nancy Tea for Two reading.


how about those VMA’s?

Ye for Prez? Miley wearing seat belts all night? Tori killing it? What were your thoughts?


Debt Repayment Recap #4 + Final Friday Finances Link Up!


Good news: I paid off my dental first account!!!
Good news: I’m here in Nashville!
Bad news: Because of the first good news, I put my second good news on a credit card.

But you know what? I don’t care. At the very last minute, some time freed up for me to be able to come to Nashville and I did what I needed to do to get here. I regret nothing.

Last month was a huuuuge leap forward with my debt repayment, and this one was kind of average. But y’all, I am SO GLAD to be rid of the dental first debt… it was ULTRA cramping my style!

August 2015 Debt Repayment Recap //

As of July 31, 2015:

Car: $19,733 (-1.69%)
Dental Credit: $365 (-73.31%)
Credit Card: $1,441 (-3.61%)

Combined debt of $21,539


August 28, 2015

Car: $19,387 (-1.75%)
Dental Credit: $0 (-100.0%)
Credit Card: $1,789 (+24.14%)

Combined debt of $21,176 (-1.68%)


final friday finance //


And now. Welcome to something SO EXCITING! Katie and I are hosting our FIRST Final Friday Finance Link Up! It will go live the last Friday of every month, and it’s a place for you to link up ANY posts you’ve made over the past month related to finance – link up any post that’s relevant! Budgeting, debt repayment, money saving tips, whatever! Strength in numbers :)

This linkup will be open until September 15th, and then on the final Friday of the month we’ll share a new link up for you to post all of your finance posts to.

So excited about this!

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What makes you happy?

Recently I walked away from spending time with someone and I thought, “that person isn’t happy.”

Here’s the thing, though.

They weren’t SAD. or DEPRESSED. or SORROWFUL.

They just weren’t happy.

You could hear it in the way they talked about their friendships, the state of their house, their current reality vs their past expectations, their constant spending… a whole bunch of stuff, none of which was HAPPY.

The first time I came to Nashville, Layla had a meltdown on the day I arrived. Ernie asked her if she had lost her happy, to which she nodded with tears streaming down her face. He grabbed a sharpie and he helped her find her happy…


…by drawing a smiley face on her hand. But it worked. She was happy as a clam… for a few minutes, anyway.


Layla’s happy (for that moment) was a drawn on smiley face. Hers varies on mood and circumstance, but her happy is there. She just has to find it.

What is your happy? What is it that pulls you out of a funk or lights up your heart or always makes you smile?

As Christians we often say we want joy INSTEAD OF happy, but I think more truthfully we want joy AND happy. We want the quiet assurance that God is who he is, regardless of what we see around us (joy!) but I think we also want things that illuminate what we see around us, regardless of if we feel trapped in a cave or free in a field of wildflowers.

Don’t get caught without your happy, even if it is a small and seems uncelebratory. The things that make you happy are the things that turn your bad days around and get you through a long work day and give you a momentary break in a time of melancholy.

I’ve made lists of 15 things that make me so very happy [part 1 / part 2] so that if I ever need a reminder, I have a quick reference of ways to defeat my funk.

what makes you happy?? //


I Surrender

Recently my friend Phil posted on Facebook asking for people who have a testimony concerning his song “I Surrender” to share it with him. I immediately messaged him, and I wanted to share the song and how it’s impacted my life here as well, because I’m always learning about surrender.

First, the song:

Second. How it’s impacted my life.

Most of the songs I know about surrender are slow and solemn. They make me feel like surrender is someone forcing my fingers out of a clenched hand. I was going through a rough patch in my life when I landed on “I surrender” and I realized how JOYFUL surrender can be when I slowly but willingly unclench my fists and present my open palms to the Lord. and then when it starts listing all of the things I let go when I hold my hands out – my hopes and dreams, my expectations and mistakes – it encourages me to be joyful, to lift my face to the Light and trust that the freedom I feel in the music of that song is what God offers me on an even greater scale when I make even the most humble attempt at living out the words of it.



I surrender by Phil Laeger //