Things I don’t need more of.

If you remember, last week I mentioned that I’m on a mission to declutter and unstuff my life. As I was cleaning my dresser last week, I realized how much STUFF I have that I don’t even KNOW I have because it’s hiding under piles of more STUFF! Just so much stuff.

and there’s some stuff I am constantly buying because it makes me feel happy to buy it or I feel like a more legit blogger if I buy it or because I’m straight up too lazy to care for the ones I already have (cough bobby pins cough).

So here’s a list of things I don’t need more of. I’m posting it because then I’ll feel accountable to not buy these things.

Things I don't need more of //

  • Nail polish
    Need I say more? I’m looking at you, Julep.


  • Bobby pins
    Let’s be real… bobby pins are the pennies of girls hair care. We leave bobby pins all over the place all the time, everywhere. Instead of keeping good track of the 100 or so bobby pins we buy at once, we become careless and constantly need to replenish our supply. I’m calling BS. I’m not buying any more bobby pins until/unless I’m at 0 bobby pins.

  • Notebooks
    EVEN if they’re cute, I don’t need them. Not for journaling or brainstorming or letter writing or anything. I DON’T NEED MORE!

  • Smelly things
    Every year. That’s the answer to the question “how often do people give you gift sets of body spray/lotion?” I don’t need any more. I’m drowning in lotion. Not literally, but you know.

  • Writing utensils
    I’ve got the whole pen situation under control. I tested a bunch of the pens to see if perhaps (and hopefully) some of them weren’t working so I’d be able to invest in a whole bunch of brand new pens but alas.. they all worked.

  • Camp Arnold hoodies
    I have like 10 of them. But they’re all different colors, sizes and styles. That’s about 9 too many.

  • Books
    So far this year, I have finished reading ONE book. Just one. My stack of books to read is massive… we’re talking 30-40ish books I’ve never read. I don’t need a single new book until I die at this rate

Are there things in your life that you tend to collect or buy at the store that you really don’t need or use at the speed you replenish it? Now that I’ve posted this list I’m holding myself accountable to NOT PURCHASING ANY OF THEM until or unless I get rid of/run out of them. 


5 summer songs


That’s how I feel about summer. Is this:

The other day I went on a nice drive… in the words of Hanson’s song “Penny and Me,” I… “turned the radio up and pushed the pedal to the ground.” and I figured that summer songs deserve their own little place of superior existence in the world. That said! Here are 5 REALLY GREAT summer songs. Stephanie Orefice road trip hair flying around the car approved.
5 really great summer songs //



ONE // FREEDOM by Allen Stone
Okay I’m biased because I’m all about Allen Stone. But this is the one I listened to ON REPEAT on my long drive.


TWO // WILDIRE by John Mayer
Y’all. ULTIMATE summer song. “A little bit of summer’s what the whole year’s all about.” AMEN AND AMEN, Brother John!

THREE // BANGA! BANGA! by Austin Mahone
Emily and I discovered this gem while listening to the the Justin Bieber iTunes radio station. This song is absolutely flawless.

FOUR // THE BEAT by Ben Rector
Completely overlooking the fact that Ben LITERALLY has a song called “Thank God for the Summertime.”


FIVE // UPTOWN FUNK by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

DUH. Still my fave. This performance of it? Hands down the best thing I’ve EVER seen.

What other songs should I add to my Summertime Playlist??


Stupid Pinterest #5

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared with you an absolutely moronic Pinterest pin I’ve stumbled upon, but have no fear… here I am to share the “best” of the internet with you.

People like life hacks. They like knowing how to be resourceful and innovative. I get that.

But sometimes we need to think big picture, people.

Like here’s a really terrible life hack:



You might be like “no! This makes SO MUCH SENSE! The money rolls up easily and nobody would think to steal a tube of chapstick!”


Except you know why they wouldn’t steal a tube of chapstick?


Seriously! How many of us own ONE tube of chapstick and know where it is at all times?

Chapstick is the 2nd most disposable beauty item in my routine (the first one would be BOBBY PINS, CAN I GET AN AMEN?), and it’s one I actually EXPECT to lose before I’m able to finish it. Just saying.

Am I the only one who thinks that hiding emergency money in an empty tube of chapstick is stupid?






When bloggers get together.. + Giveaway!


I. love. talking. about. blogging.

Seriously. I really do. I’m not the best blogger in the world and I’m too scared of failure (aaaand let’s be real I’m fairly lazy) to actually TRY to grow my blog, but I LOVE TALKING ABOUT BLOGS!

I have the great fortune of knowing some of my blog friends in real life.

I’ve had sleepovers with Brittany and Becky and Mary-Keith. I spend lots of time at Susannah’s house… Laura even came once! I’ve grabbed coffee with Katie and Nora, and I saw Wicked with Meagan.

So here’s what I’ve realized happens when bloggers get together:

  • We will inevitably talk about our favorite bloggers and/or bloggers we admire. and anyone who has talked to me about blogging knows that my #1 all-time ultimate most favorite, adored blogger of all time is Mary from Eat Drink and Be Mary… who is about to Eat, Drink and BE MARRIED!


  • We’ll somehow stumble upon some sort of this or that conversation. You know, like… Adproval or Passionfruit, Blogger or WordPress. “Read More” option or not. Stock photos or taking pictures on your own. Things that only bloggers would get.


  • Our page views will most likely come up. Hopefully if the other blogger(s) isn’t a jerk it’s not about whose is bigger. Susannah and I have roughly the same amount of page views each month, but her posts get WAY more interaction than mine. It’s cool to talk about.


  • If I’m there and my computer is open, there will be a gazillion tabs open while I look up who or what you’re talking about and show you who or what I’m talking about. It’s just a thing. I want to brag about the members of my non-nearby tribe (Robyn and Julie, shout outs to you two!) or the cutest blog I recently discovered.


  • Usually there will be instagram pictures. I’m not the best at this. I was able to attend a Passionfruit blogger open studio night once and I thought it was so funny that they took a group picture and went around and said “what’s your instagram so I can tag you?” and it was SO TRUE.


  • The question or idea of “why do you blog?” WILL come up, because that is the lens in which I frame my entire blog conversations with fellow bloggers. Are we talking about ways you want to make money, or grow your follower count, or do you just love sharing pictures? The WHY is one of the most important questions a blogger can answer


  • But. There will be at least ONE picture. Because if bloggers get together and not a single picture proves it.. then it probably didn’t happen.

<3 //

In honor of bloggers getting together, I’m co-hosting a giveaway! Over the weekend we had a little Portland Christian Blogger get together and myself, Susannah + Ashley are giving away one of the swag bags from our meet up!

BUT FIRST! Let me tell you about the AMAZING ladies that supported our bloggers talking blog dream by partnering with us to provide super sweet swag bags.

Chamel's Creations // stephanieorefice.nettwitter / insta / facebook / .com

Chamel is the designer, faith advocate, and creator behind Chamel’s Creations. She is passionate about helping women celebrate their faith journeys through their daily walk, attitude, atmosphere, attire, accessories, and so much more.  Her heart is on fire to see a generation of women who are more bold, courageous, confident, blessed, and fearless.  Chamel’s Creations is all about being transformed through God’s Word.  Because just one glimpse of the truth can change everything.

Elah Tree is a lifestlye blog and shop focused on empowering women in their everyday lives. We’re all busy and we all have goals and dreams. Elah Tree products are meant to help you manage all those things. Keeping my mind clear and equipping you with tools to bring you closer to your goals and dreams.

 Felecia Efriann is a fashion line that aims to empower individuals through the message behind the clothing. Every piece designed and created from Felecia Efriann is inspired by the sea, 1910s, 1920s, and a nod to 1950s. FE aims to always take a fresh, modest, and eco-friendly look at fashion. It is a shop with Apparel, Accessories, and a few things for ones home and office.

Life As The Artist is an advertising agency and blog with a purpose. I build Brands, create print & web advertising and specialize in Social Media Strategy & Implementation so that I can provide faith focused support for those navigating life in the aftermath of the loss of a pregnancy or infant.

I am Ann Cosgrove and acbc Design is my line of modern paper goods. With a modern, minimalist aesthetic and sprinkled with a touch of whimsey – each item is created in my home studio in lovely Portland, Oregon. My designs are fueled by a combination of some of my favorite things: typography, nature, architecture and (of course) paper. The results are unique stationery items and illustrations that connect with people and just make you smile.

and now.
The giveaway!
There will be MULTIPLE winners, so enter + tell your friends. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Have you ever met up IRL with fellow bloggers?? Want to come visit the Northwest and hang out with us?? Just saying ;D




Two very random things.
on Tuesday.
Bringin it back.

ONE // Creative Market

Creative Market Free Goods //

If you are a creative in ANY way, you HAVE to have Creative Market. It’s a little bit like a digital etsy store. You can buy fonts, blog themes, photos, photoshop actions, graphics… it’s brilliant. And every Monday, they post six free goods that you can download. Dooooo ittttt.

TWO // 2:18 am

So a few nights ago, I decided to be a grown up and stay up super late. Before I finally retired to bed I went to the bathroom where I let my hair out of my bun and realized… my hair looked fabulous. We’re talking… ABNORMALLY fantastic. But it was freaking 2:18 am! This is absolutely a first world problem but as a person who has a good hair day roughly 1 out of every 5 trips around the sun, I couldn’t help but feel like this…

2:18 am //