“…so was fulfilled….”

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Let me be honest here. I might lose some friends because the ugly parts of my heart are about to be revealed. Please have grace.

There’s a girl I know who is… um… strange. She’s just weird. Straight up weird.
And you know what happened?
She got engaged.

So my best friend and I, naturally, took to texting about it. This was the convo:

Em: _________ is engaged?
me: is this a joke?
Em: No.
me: ______ is engaged and we’re single.
Em: yep. this is our life.
me: this might be rock bottom
Em: yea. that was a hard blow. real hard.
me: seriously
Em: but I was talking to my mom last night about it. we CANNOT compare ourselves to her. and are we really jealous of ________?

THEN we started going on about how we really need to be encouraging each other, like ALL THE TIME because the struggle is so real many of the days. Not all of them, but many.

A few nights later I decided to start reading Matthew. And Here’s what stood out to me.

1:22 – All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said…
2:15 – …and so was fulfilled what the Lord had said…
2:23 – …so was fulfilled what was said…

We have the advantage of hindsight in the story of Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus. But imagine ACTUALLY BEING THEM. Imagine when Mary realized she was going to have to set out to Bethlehem ultra pregnant. We know that God had already determined that Jesus would come out of Bethlehem, because it was already written by the prophets. But then after that drama, Herod is pretty extreme and sets out to KILL ALL THE BABY BOYS… so Mary and Joseph FLEE for the life of their baby. Can you imagine how terrified they were for baby Jesus? But we know that God had already said “out of Egypt I called my son.” So he obviously had to get to Egypt.

And then he ends up in Nazareth even though Joseph had planned to go elsewhere but feared the son of Herod so he ended up in Nazareth, fulfilling the prophecy that said “He will be called a Nazarene.”\

Okay. So are you with me? There’s a lot of “random” stuff that happens. A lot of chaos and fear and probably frustration and movement. Did Mary and Joseph know the prophecy, and check off things on their Jesus growth charts? It doesn’t seem like it, because they’re always told stuff in dreams. And look what happened with the Pharisees. These dudes knew the prophets forwards, backwards, upside down and probably in Pig Latin, but they COMPLETELY MISSED JESUS because KNOWING the prophecy didn’t mean knowing the PRESENTATION of it.

But all of this crazy journey was walking the path that God had already declared. It wasn’t random misfortune or a series of the wrong place at the wrong time, even though Mary and Joseph probably felt like that a few times.

God is still the same God. His character never changes. All of my disappointments and my fears, my rejections and heartbreaks… while it’s not necessarily the DESIRE of God’s heart for me to go through all of that (God’s perfect will vs God’s permissible will, but that’s for another time….), he has gone ahead and carefully woven a web that is the Life of Stephanie Orefice, and the twists and turns are part of what leads me to the places I need to be.

Right now that truth is hitting extra hard in my life because I’m trying to hold loose the matters of my heart. I seriously am happy for my friends who are all engaged or having children, there’s no dishonesty in that statement. and like I said earlier… the struggle is real so many of the days, and I cannot be encouraged enough in regards to that.

Speaking of encouragement, here’s a GREAT article that was posted on RELEVANT concerning being single: I’m 30 and Single. Why do people pity me?