Debt Repayment Recap #2 (June 2015)

HOW IN THE WORLD is 2015 halfway over? What is this madness? What is this nonsense? Moving on to the more important things. Like a recap of what I’ve been doing the past month in regards to debt repayment.

Debt Repayment Recap #2 // June 2015 //


As of May 25, 2015, this is what those numbers look like

Car: $20,426
Dental Credit: $1,627
Credit Card: $1,668

Combined debt of $23,721


Here is where those numbers stand today:

Car: $20,074 (-1.72%)
Dental Credit: $1,368 (-15.91%)
Credit Card: $1,495 (-10.37%)

Combined debt of $22,937 (-3.3%)
IN JULY, I will FINALLY owe less than $20,000 on my car!! I’d considered paying an extra $75 so I could see that number sooner but I took that money and put it towards my dental credit… because there’s a huge difference between a 20% interest rate and a 3% one, haha.


Let’s look at my


$150 towards Dental Credit
Smashed this! After the interest charge I ended up putting $259 towards my dental credit. If I pay that much each month, then I’ll be free of that debt in less than 6 months. I still threw a lot of money towards my credit card, so next month I may pull back on that one to see how quickly I can pay off my Dental Credit!

Cash Only
Fail. Absolute fail. We went to Disneyland. I forgot to take money out. Game over.

Drop my overall debt by 1.5%
Smashed this. I was down 3.3%. BUT. I’d looked at May’s drop, which included an overlooked charge, and based June’s from there. If I’d only dropped by 1.5%… I wouldn’t have even paid my complete car payment, haha.



$260 towards Dental Credit
I did it last month… I can do it again!

Cash Only
Let’s try this again, shall we? No Disney trips on my horizon this time.

Drop my overall debt by 3.3%
Keeping up a good thing.


For some reason, this month was really hard for me. Even though I did a pretty good job of throwing money at my various accounts, I felt like I was constantly spending money. Something about traveling that will do that to you. The good news is that the other day I was trying to figure out how in the world I’d spent $70 in cash in a week without having any idea of where I’d spent it. Then I found $52 hidden in my wallet. So we’re good on that one.

You know what I keep doing? I keep thinking of all the things I could do if I had no debt. Nothing super crazy, but like… I could put a lot of money into savings, I could quickly earn a lot of Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards points by taking short trips more often… not that I’d become some sort of ultra glamorous person, but I can’t get past the idea of FREEDOM.


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Jessica + Joel

A few weeks ago, two of my friends got married. It was a bright, sunny and hot day. In honor of Jessica’s love of Cinderella, I wore my LC Cinderella shirt + skirt. Lots of people I love were in attendance, and I got to dance. I cherished every moment.. and I took some pictures.

Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel //
Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel // stephanieorefice.netJessica + Joel // stephanieorefice.netJessica + Joel //

Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel //

Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel //

Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel // Jessica + Joel //


Five on Friday

Five on Friday //

Drumroll please, because I know you’re all just DYYYIIIIINNNGGGG to know what five things I’m about to share with you, aren’t you?

Here it is. ….

The last 5 coffees I’ve instagrammed. That’s a link to follow me on instagram so you NEVER HAVE TO MISS A COFFEE.

ONE // Embassy Suites poor man’s mocha

Disneyland // stephanieorefice.netLast Monday, we went to Disneyland. and I dressed appropriately, because I’m Stephanie Orefice and that’s just what I do. Our hotel had a nice breakfast setup, and part of that was a coffee machine. and they had a hot chocolate machine. Naturally I made a poor man’s mocha. and then bless their little hotel hearts, they had to-go cups!


TWO // Disneyland Starbucks Caramel/Coconut iced coffee with cream

Disneyland Starbucks //

Um… so if I’m at Disneyland, then there’s is 100% going to be AT LEAST ONE caramel/coconut iced coffee with cream consumed in the time I’m there. I MIGHT have had two of them. MAYBE. Also can I say that I’m literally so over how messed up my nails are. I keep biting them. Gross.


THREE // Burbank Airport Peet’s iced mocha

Burbank airport Peet's mocha //

On our way home from Disneyland, I was in need of coffee REAL BAD. So bad, in fact, that I paid $5.50 for a 12 ounce iced mocha (couldn’t justify paying the extra $$ for soy)… that was actually rather terrible. The whole airport was actually terrible; everything was ridiculously overpriced and it felt more like a glorified greyhound station than anything. But while we waited, Sarah & I did attempt to take some super cute pictures…


FOUR // Starbucks caramel iced coffee with cream

stopping //

I was having a struggly day, so I grabbed an iced coffee and planted myself on the floor of my office. Unfortunately the space where I have room to sprawl out is right by the full-sized window in my office, so the door kept getting opened and people kept talking to me and it was interrupted a lot. It died down eventually and I was able to find some peace.


FIVE // Bushel + Peck iced soy mocha

Bushel + Peck // Portland, OR // stephanieorefice.netI wrote recently about how my pastors are moving. AND FOR SOME REASON THEY DECIDED TO TAKE THEIR CHILDREN! :(  One of them is Sarah, who I took pictures with up there. Another one of them is Abigail, who was a quiet 9-year-old when I first met her and this year was the captain of the undefeated territorial Bible Bowl champions. It’s been such a joy to watch her grow up – and lately she’s turned into a coffee drinker (at the ripe old age of 13!!) and I’ve loved being able to take her to get iced mochas and talk about life. Wednesday, I took her to Bushel + Peck so we could try some of their delicious pastries. She got a cardamom snicker doodle cookie; I got a flour less orange chocolate cookie. So delicious.

and this is a bonus coffee, but still relevant. On Saturday, Abi and I went to the official grand opening of Lionheart Coffee. More delicious iced mochas, and gluten-free/vegan/organic donut holes from Bigwig Donuts (#portland).  I’m going to miss this sweet kid so much.

Lionheart Coffee Co // Beaverton, OR //




Change is inevitable.

change is inevitable //

I used to be really bad with change. Not the coin stuff. I collect it in a small piggy bank collection.
I mean the life-altering changes… and even not-so-life-altering changes.

These days I’m better with it. I’m giving myself more grace

Right now I feel like there is SO MUCH CHANGE in my life. My pastors (who are also my employers, people I love, kids I have nannied, and people who have walked alongside me through SO MUCH the past 4 years, since I moved back to Portland) are moving on Sunday.

Here’s the thing about change.

In September, Lucy and Layla had me read them a book that Sparrow’s dad gave to them. It’s called Zen Shorts, and it shares three stories that teach Zen principles. One of the stories is basically this guy whose son finds a horse and everyone says “that’s so lucky!” and the guy says “we’ll see.” Then the kid is riding the horse and falls and breaks his legs and everyone is like “that sucks!” and the guy says “we’ll see.” Then there’s a war and the kid doesn’t get drafted because of his broken leg, and everyone’s like “that’s so lucky!” and the guy says “we’ll see.”

Get it?

The only certainty when it comes to change is that it’s inevitable. Part of what happens when we release change from being defined as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is that we are able to push through things with more ease, because we’re not building higher expectations than necessary, nor are we dreading something that isn’t bad.. just different.

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love where you’re at.


where you're at // allen stone //

My friend Melissa caught this picture of me at our friends wedding. There was this big, beautiful field. The sun was slowly beginning to set. and I stood there, wind blowing through my hair and skirt, and took it all in. I’d hoped to invite a very special boy to this wedding, and had a few moments of feeling really empty as I kept realizing that not only was he not there, but he’d completely cut me out of his life.

Throughout this whole messy process of wading through the heart-pollution of someone rejecting my friendship, I’ve been really frustrated with myself. A couple of months back, my friend Al was in town. Back when the wound was still fresh. Between hugs, Allen told me, “You’re Stephanie. You’ve had your heart broken by a boy. And you’re going to survive.” He told me it was okay for me to feel all of the feelings I was feeling.

When iTunes radio had a first play station of his new album and I heard the song “Where You’re At,” I broke down in tears. I’ve claimed the words “keep your dirt on the surface and just love where you’re at” at the forefront of my mind ever since I first heard the song a month ago.

Sometimes I still get frustrated by my feelings, and I usually listen to this song and let myself cry out whatever random storm is passing through my life. I embrace all of my emotions – I embrace how desperately I want to send him a funny video, how mad I am for being so unkind, how loved I’ve felt in the wake of how he’s treated me, and how hopeful I am for whatever God is going to do with this mess.

Every day I shed a little more of the heavy feelings. Whenever I get frustrated that I still care at all, my friends remind me that when I feel anything, I feel it to the depth of my being. At our women’s tea, my pastor said that when I love, I love deeply… sometimes to my own detriment. Don’t worry, I cried about that one.

This is my theme song. My quiet little anthem for the days I kind of wish I could have left a mean note on his car or left 1-star reviews of his business or told everyone who knows him all that he’s done. But that’s not what a good woman does, right? 😉 Nor is it what I do. Instead I pick gentle anthems that help me treasure the tension.

I hope this song helps you embrace your messy.

I keep my dirt on the surface, so you don’t gotta dig.
The people that make me nervous try to hide all their sins.
and I’ve got no reason to cover my tracks.
The best part of learning is just loving where you’re at.

I wear my sins on my collar so everyone can see.
There ain’t no bother in spreading rumors about me.
I ain’t no angel, but I ain’t so bad.
The best part of learning is just loving where you’re at.

So love where you’re at.
love where you’re at.
Keep your dirt on the surface.
and just love where you’re at.